Tennis star returns to Wimbledon: Serena Williams wants to know again

It’s hard to miss at Wimbledon that Serena Williams is still an attraction in tennis. The 41-year-old American is now only number 1204 in the world rankings, but he still holds the status of the best player of all time. Which isn’t surprising given her 23 Grand Slam titles and seven wins at Wimbledon alone. In London, she was allowed to train at Holy Central Court, to which only a select circle of professionals were allowed at all.

However, Williams had mixed feelings when she was allowed into the turf, which is also her own, a few days ago. “I was so happy to have this opportunity,” she said at the pre-tournament press conference, before adding, “It was also good to somehow get that out of my system. Because the last moment I had in Central Court was probably not my best.” “.

A year ago she had to give up the injury in the first round, and a thigh muscle tear hasn’t allowed another top-level match since. Which is why critics and fans were already convinced that Williams was going to end her career. But now she is once again competing in the most important championship in the world. “I haven’t quit. I just need to get healthy both physically and mentally.” And: “I didn’t know when and how I would return.”

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Last week, she made her highly acclaimed comeback in doubles alongside Berlin winner Anas Jabeur in Eastbourne and fought two matches. “I went and never thought I’d be ready for my singles. I just wanted to play a little doubles and see how I feel,” she said, surprising herself, “that might have been enough for singles.” She will play her first tournament after a year-long break on Tuesday in England’s Lawn Tennis. And the croquet club against the French team Harmony Tan.

Wimbledon has always been something special for Serena Williams. Not only because of their many successes, but also because recent experiences are no longer exclusively good. In 2021 there was the injury, before that she lost twice as a favorite in the final in 2018 and 2019. After the defeat three years ago, she said: “I somehow have to figure out how to win a final like this. I also have to play some tournaments without injuring myself.” in any way.”

Williams is a successful entrepreneur and she really enjoys her work

She then made it to the final three more times on the tour and gave the trials that were almost mandatory for her. After Wimbledon, she had to succumb to injury in the final of Toronto in 2019 and then lost the match for the US Open title, as before in Canada, to a young Bianca Andreescu. In 2020, she finally celebrated her 73rd and final place win in the championship in Auckland.

Considering that she’s been an official professional since 1995, the number seems almost insignificant. But Williams was always careful not to play too much. “I think it is subconsciously inside of me. I take care of myself and know how to do it,” she said, describing herself as normal in this regard. Perhaps that is why she is already competing again at Wimbledon. When asked about her chances in the championship, she did not answer and only said: “I have high goals, but on the other hand – I don’t know.”

Williams has always been more than just a tennis player anyway. Her company, Serena Ventures, which provides capital to founders, keeps her fully occupied. “If you have a company like this, you have to work everything,” she said in London, explaining that she was having a lot of fun. But: “It takes up practically all my free time. But now I won’t be in the office for the next weeks. If you send me an email, you will now get a nice out of office notification.”

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