Everyone has graduated, but not everyone knows what now

“99 Balloons on the Horizon” Nina sang 43 years ago and ended up at the top of the charts in many countries. At Münnerstadt, 63 colored balloons, with wish lists, flew from the multi-purpose hall to the horizon. In the same hall, high school graduates from the Philipp von Schönborn School, along with parents, friends and guests, organized a lavish party to celebrate the end of school days, which began with the rise of balloons. Titled “Abe Vegas”.

“You can easily walk to Las Vegas in that outfit,” Director of Studies Jürgen Haack said when he saw the elegantly dressed high school graduates. But due to the Corona epidemic, there were no trips or trips. The traditional trip to Berlin was canceled and my father’s trip was replaced with a trip to Lake Ellertshäuser. “I hope that many of your wishes and dreams will come true,” he told the high school graduates. Deputy District Director Emil Müller (CSU) wished all the best on behalf of the district of Bad Kissingen. His wish: “that many find their way back to their areas of origin after studying or training.”

Mayor Michael Castle (CSU) also endorsed the students’ social skills, as they helped take care of refugees from Ukraine. He also wished that they “come back fully or regularly”. This celebration is preliminary, because the hall, renovated with ten million euros, has not yet opened.

Classmate: “Something you can’t buy”

Parents Council President Petra Hill has taken the motto of “Abe Vegas”: Students bet on every point, sometimes cheating and sometimes punching their way. Michael Schwigon, bis vor drei Jahren selbst Direktor des Schönborn-Gymnasiums, trat für Paul Ziegler, den verhinderten Vorsitzenden der Studiengenossen, ans Mikrofon und wies darauf hin, dass man mit dem fense nicchwa an udill Could you”. The next meeting will be on July 22nd. There is always a table reserved for you.

Not everyone knows how to move forward

“We have graduation in the bag, what do we do with it?” asked Joshua Bauer-Hellmann in her graduation speech. Some of them, but not all of them, will already know in which direction they should go professionally. The adults asked: “Let the people find themselves.” And for the motto of “Dad Vegas,” he told fellow high school graduates, “In the course of life you also need luck and chance.”

The head of the Schönborn-Gymnasium, Director of Studies Peter Rottmann, was delighted “Everyone has passed the Abitur. This is the best news for me.” During the difficult Corona period, the students demonstrated “healthy toughness and flexibility, which are also essential in poker.” He told them, “Keep your desire and joy in playing. Keep a sprinkler in your heart and become fellow students.”

“While we were crammed, we were out and about collecting donations for prizes,” said Christian Stausberg, president of the Schönborn-Gym Friends Association. Enci Huang and Sonja Schmitt achieved the best overall score with an overall rating of 1.0. Sophia Earhart, Victoria Clement and Romana Wiegand scored 1.1 and thus from third to fifth as the best result. Enci Huang and Sophia Erhart were also honored for their special commitment as Actors of the Year. Marie Hooke received a book prize and one-year membership in the German Physical Society for the best high school diploma in physics.

Leave it to Father Marcus Reis OSA to finish the official part with the blessing of the high school graduates. His wish for everyone: May they find solid ground in life and a good place in society.

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