Digital-Stammtisch Westerwald / Sieg on the 5th of July to expand optical fibers in the AK . region

Press release on 06/26/2022

Knowledge’s Rolling Mill Rooftop Terrace Ready: Time for two special summer events for the regulars digital table. It starts on July 5 with the theme “Expansion of Optical Fibers in the Tenkirchen Region”. Movement comes into play, as German Fiberglass stands ready to expand the network. Company representatives will be available to answer questions.

Here you can watch last summer’s meeting on the rooftop terrace of the Knowledge Rolling Mill. On the 5th of July the topic will be: “Expansion of optical fibers in the Tenkirchen – here we are!” (Photo: Steamtech)

knowledge. On Tuesday, July 5th at 6.30pm, Digital-Stammtisch Westerwald/Sieg will kick off the next round with its first special summer event on the rooftop terrace of the Knowledge rolling mill. This time with the theme “Fiber Optic Expansion in the Altenkirchen – Here We Are!”

Already last year, broadband expansion was on the agenda during the summer event regulars. Now, in the past few weeks, there’s been a move on this topic. With Deutsche Weser, a new provider is ready to expand the fiber optic network in parts of the Altenkirchen region.

Members of the Digital Roundtable have already received many questions on this topic. Like: Do you really need it? How exactly does scaling work? What are the home delivery costs? Is my phone still working and what hardware do I need?

In order to clarify these and other questions, the digital meeting invited representatives from Deutsche Pfizer on July 5th. They will present the project and then answer the questions.

theme background
To date, broadband expansion in the Altenkirchen region has largely included centralized infrastructure between distributors. Single families were still connected via copper cables. It’s possible for bandwidth to reach 250 Mbit/s with this, but that’s not achieved in many places in the region, according to the regulars schedule organizers. However, the demand for bandwidth is increasing every year. What seems enough today may soon be too slow.

Until the bandwidth requirements for the coming years can ever be covered, it makes sense that optical fibers will now be extended to individual homes. “Due to the rural structure and attendant communication costs, the previous expansion goals of telecom providers in our area were only nationwide,” the organizers continue to explain.

Deutsche Wasser has recently concluded cooperation agreements with various communities in the Altenkirchen region and is ready for expansion. This is true to the extent that a sufficient number of homes can be connected to the fiber optic network.

Program and schedule:
1. Short introduction to the topic
2 – Presentation of the expansion plan by “Deutsche Weser”
3. Exchange of opinions, experiences and questions on the topic
4. Open Round Discussion

Where: The roof terrace of the rolling mill at Knowledge (Walzwerkstraße 24, 57537 Knowledge). If the weather is bad, then the event will take place in the basement, as well as at the rolling mill. Date: Tuesday, July 5, starting at 6:30 p.m. Registration is not required. Submission is free.

About Digital-Stammtisch Westerwald / Sieg
Digital-Stammtisch Westerwald/Sieg is a voluntary initiative by Marc Nilius, Markus Bläser and Jonathan Schulte. The three entrepreneurs from the Knowledge Zone set themselves the task of creating a meeting place and forum for the local digital landscape. On the first Tuesday of every month, entrepreneurs, managers, and digital pioneers meet in a relaxed atmosphere. It is an open event that anyone interested is invited to. (PM / KathaBe)

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