Construction sites in Freudenberg: bus passengers need to know

Bus passengers across the city are affected by two road construction sites in Freudenberg. Here’s what’s in effect as of Thursday, June 30:

The expansion of L 565 between Oberfischbach and Niederndorf and K 6 in Alchen during the summer holidays has led to significant changes in the bus schedule. Verkehrsbetriebe Westfalen-Süd (VWS) notes that the special schedule applies on Thursday, June 30 – regardless of the actual start of construction in Alchen. The changed routes will be kept until Tuesday, August 9, even if the Niederndorf-Oberfischbach connection is launched again earlier.

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Alternate lines to Bockseifen and Niederndorf

lines R37 (Siegen – Freudenberg via Alchen) and p 53 (Siegen – Olpe via Alchen) It is diverted via HTS, Birlenbach and Niederholzklau. From there, the usual route of the R 37 is led to Bühlerhöhe and the R 53 to the Olpe ZOB. Due to the longer route, line R 37 cannot serve Bockseifen and Eichen during construction work. For the section Mórer Platz – Bockseifen, alternative round-trip traffic will be established.

Line R39 (Siegen – Niederfischbach via Oberfischbach) operates exclusively between Siegen and Oberfischbach. For the section Oberfischbach – Niederfischbach, an alternative bus service will be established between Freudenberg and Niederfischbach with the option to change trains at Mórer Platz.

Line R40 (Siegen-Freudenberg via Nieder- and Oberheuslingen) Departs from Seelbach P+R Seelbacher Weiher via Oberfischbach and Nieder- and Oberheuslingen, Bottenberg via Olper Straße in Büschergrund to Mórer Platz. The area of ​​Dirlenbach is also served by the alternative bus service R 39 between Freudenberg and Niederfischbach.

Other fonts R38 (Siegen – Freudenberg via Lindenberg) and 290 (Betzdorf – Büschergrund via Niederfischbach) It operates unchanged according to the current schedule.

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Change in Mórer Platz in Freudenberg

For the affected areas, this means:

Alchin and Boyle: The R 53 does not pass through Alchen. You arrive at R 37 after six minutes and do not stop at the bypass. The Alchen In der Thalen and Alchen Haas stations cannot be served during the construction period. The stations Alchen Ort (line R 37) and Seelbach Alcher Straße (lines R 38, R 39 and R 40) serve as alternative stations. The Alchen Ort stops in the direction of Siegen at Im Seifen at the Wiesenweg junction.

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Bock and oak soap: The R 37 line will be diverted via Büschergrund Anstoss to Freudenberg Mórer Platz. An alternative round-trip traffic has been established for the Bockseifen and Eichen area with a connection at Mórer Platz. Line 290 operates unchanged to the school center and can also be used. A detour of the R40 motorway also gives passengers the opportunity to reach bus stops along the Olper Straße from Büschergrund Buchenstraße.

Seelbach: Line R 37 does not pass through Seelbach, while lines R 39 and R 40 offer an alternative.

Lindenberg: The R 40 line does not pass through Lindenberg Weiher. An alternative is the R 38 line (Lindenberg Ort and Steinbruch).

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Alternative: By train via Kirchen

Niedendorf, Dillenbach, Niederfishbach: An alternative bus line R 39 has been established between Freudenberg and Niederfishbach via Niedendorf and Derlenbach. Freudenberg on Mórer Platz has direct connections to the R 38 line to and from Siegen. Alternatively, line 290 can be used to Kirchen Bahnhof from Niederfischbach, with a change of train to Siegen. There is no service on Niederndorf Away or Dirlenbach station, alternatives are Niederndorf Ort or Vollmersbach stations.

Oberfschbach and Heisberg: Travelers from Oberfischbach and Heisberg can continue to use the R 39 in the direction of Siegen or the R 40 in Heisberg during construction work. All destinations in the direction of Niederfischbach can only be reached with a change in Freudenberg in Mórer Platz: R 40 to Mórer Platz, and from there an alternative bus service on line R 39 with a trip via Dirlenbach and Niederndorf or line 290.

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Nieder- and Oberheuslingen: In Nieder- and Oberheuslingen, the R 40 line always stops on the other side of the street. Oberheuslingen Im Bruch and Zeitenbach stations are not offered. Vereinshaus Station (R40) can be used as an alternative stop. The R40 line serves all stations up to Mórer Platz on the diversion via Bottenberg and Olper Straße in Büschergrund.

Niederholz and Oberholzkloe: The R 53 line will be transferred via HTS and Birlenbach. The destination Siegen-Seelbach can be reached by changing at the Siegen ZOB station.

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