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Our team of analysts analyzed Zoom Video Communications based on this market assessment. A total of 7 factors lead to individual ratings as ‘buy’, ‘book’ or ‘sell’. From this, a comprehensive assessment is determined in the last step.

Analyst View 1: Analysts who have rated the stock over the past 12 months see Zoom Video Communications as: Overall, it’s a Buy with 14 Buc, 14 Hold, 0 Sell ratings present. However, in more recent reports, analysts have come to a different conclusion – the average valuation for Zoom Video Communications stock over the past month is Hold (1 Buy, 2 Hold, 0 Sell). The Zoom Video Communications analyst price target is interesting. On average, that’s about $178. This means that the stock price will develop by 61.82 percent, as the price was last listed at $110. There is a “buy” rating for this. Thus, the analysts’ investigation results in an overall “buy” rating.

2. Technical Analysis: The average closing price of Zoom Video Communications stock for the last 200 trading days is currently $173.69. The last closing price ($110) deviates by -36.67 percent, which corresponds to the “sell” rating from a technical point of view. Let’s take a look at the average from the last 50 trading days. For this value ($102.72), the last close is above the moving average (+7.09 percent). This results in a different rating for Zoom Video Communications stock in this case, a ‘buy’ rating. The bottom line is that this gives Zoom Video Communications stock a “hold” rating on the underlying charts.


3. Industry comparison share price: The stock has posted a return of -70.61 percent over the past year. Compared to stocks in the same sector (“IT”), Zoom Video Communications is below average by 128.85 percent (58.25 percent). The average annual return for securities from the same “software” branch is 85.51 percent. Zoom Video Communications is currently 156.12 percent below this figure. Due to the poor performance, we classify the stock at this level as “Sell”.

4. Investors: Zoom Video Communications investor sentiment on social media discussion boards and opinion columns is generally neutral. This is reflected in the last two weeks’ data and opinions, which we have evaluated for you in order to get another rating factor for the stock. It turns out that in the past few days, the focus of discussions has been on positive topics in particular, which means that the title in general has earned the rating “Hold”. Finally, this form of analysis has been enriched with concrete trading signals that can be counted from social media. There were 0 sell and 4 buy signals. From this picture, in turn, a “buy” recommendation at this level can be derived. According to our assessment, this means that the general mood of the investor is “buy”.

5. Relative Strength Index: A prominent signal in technical analysis, the Relative Strength Index, or RSI, relates the ups and downs of price movements over a typical 7-day period. Values ​​between 0 and 30 are considered “oversold”, values ​​between 70 and 100 are considered “overbought” and values ​​in between are considered neutral. Zoom Video Communications RSI results in a Comment Rating of 58.4. The 25-day RSI at 37.75 indicates a pending view at this level. Thus, the overall rating is set to “Comment”.


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6. Primary: Zoom Video Communications’ current P/E ratio is 37.7. The share is thus below average (about 73 percent) compared to values ​​from the “software” sector (software rating rate 140.8). From a fundamental point of view, Zoom Video Communications is undervalued and therefore has a “buy” rating at this level.

7. Feelings and Noise: Zoom Video Communications can also be observed and evaluated over a longer period of time in terms of number of verbal contributions (discussion intensity) and rate of mood change. This allows for interesting conclusions to be drawn about the long-term mood of the past few months. Specifically: The stake showed an increase in activity. This indicates a high level of discussion intensity and requires a “buy” rating. The rate of mood change remained low, and hardly any changes could be identified, which is consistent with the assessment as a “retain” value. In the overall rating, Zoom Video Communications’ rating at this point was: “Buy”.

This gives Zoom Video Communications stock (when viewed overall across all seven factors evaluated) a “Hold” rating.

Buy, keep or sell – Historian Analysis Zoom Video Communications 25.06. gives the answer:

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