Xiaomi Mi Band 7: all you need to know

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 will have a larger screen, have a battery life of up to 15 days, and bring some improvements. Read what we already know about the fitness tracker.

The new Mi Band 7 fitness tracker from Xiaomi brings some improvements over the previous version: the screen is larger, the battery lasts up to two weeks, and the blood oxygen measurement function has been improved.

When will the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 be available?

Mi Band 7 was introduced on May 24 with the Redmi Buds 4 and Redmi Buds 4 Pro and has been on sale in China since the end of May.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7

Xiaomi traditionally releases its own fitness trackers in the summer. The exception was Mi Band 6, which was released in China in early April and launched globally a few weeks later. This was followed by Mi Smart Band 6 NFC, which has been available worldwide since September 2021.

This means that Mi Band 7 may be launched on the market in June.

How much does the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 cost?

The price of the Mi Band 7 will be higher than the prices of the older versions, but hopefully it will still be less than 50 euros. Here are the current prices for older versions on Amazon (and what fitness trackers originally cost internationally):

As before, the Mi Band 7 also supports interchangeable TPU straps, with six standard colors (€2.80 each) and four special straps (two camouflage, two fluorescent, €4.20 each) available at launch.

What features does the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 offer?

The most obvious change to the Mi Band 7 is the new larger display of the tracker. It has the distinct pill shape of its predecessor, but is now about 25 percent larger, measuring 1.62 inches, according to the manufacturer. The higher resolution (490 x 192) aims to ensure the screen is as sharp as before (326 ppi).

Xiaomi Mi Band 7

The additional screen space provided by this larger, full-color AMOLED panel has allowed for an overhauled user interface that displays more information at a glance. Some of the 100+ watch faces include animated elements, which should look even smoother thanks to a new chipset.

Mi Band 7 provides continuous heart rate, blood oximetry (boosted) and supports breathing exercises, stress assessment and female cycle monitoring.

In addition to 120 sports modes, Mi Band 7 also provides information about VO2 Max, training load, recovery time and training effect. There are four “Professional” sports modes (as part of those 120), with automatic workout detection for certain activities.

In addition to activity tracking, Mi Band 7 also offers built-in features such as a flashlight, remote control of the camera and music (on compatible phones), timers (including a pomodoro timer), weather, alarms and more.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 specifications:

  • 1.62 inch AMOLED display with 490 x 192 . resolution

  • 326 dpi

  • permanent support

  • Brightness up to 500 nits

  • 2.5D tempered glass

  • polycarbonate body

  • 160mm to 224mm TPU anti-bacterial interchangeable straps

  • Standard tape colors: white, black, light blue, cream, dark green, orange

  • Special ribbon colors: camo blue, camo green, neon yellow, neon orange

  • aluminum alloy lock

  • Engine vibration

  • Optical heart rate sensor

  • Monitor blood oxygen saturation

  • Six-axis motion sensor

  • Water Resistant 5ATM

  • around the dials

  • 120 sports modes

  • Bluetooth 5.2 EGP

  • 180 mAh battery

  • 15-day battery life (standard model)

  • Full charge within 2 hours

  • 2 POGO pins for magnetic charging

  • Dimensions 46.5 mm x 20.7 mm x 12.25 mm

  • 13.5g (standard model)

  • Support Android 6.0 / iOS 10 and above

While the Mi Band lineup has a lot to offer, it lacks some common wearable features, such as GPS and any kind of headphone integration.

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