Oslo: Gunshots in front of a nightclub – what is known about the crime?

The shooting took place in the Norwegian capital the evening before the 40th Pride March in Oslo. Two people were killed and many injured. The attack takes place near an eccentric club. Police are investigating suspicion of terrorism. We look at the most important questions and answers about the crime that shocked the entire country.

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What happened in Oslo on Saturday night?

At about 1 a.m. local time (CEST), a shooting took place in Oslo near the “London Pub” gay club. Two people were killed and many injured. Initially there was talk of more than 20 infections, and that number was corrected to 14 on Saturday morning. A suspect has been arrested. The police carried out an investigation due to a possible terrorist background to the crime.

Where did the crime take place?

The London Pub wasn’t the only crime scene – shots were also fired elsewhere in the party mile area. During the night, the police arrested a suspect near the crime scene. The civilians who were present were helping out. Detective Christian Hatlow told Norwegian newspaper VG that the 42-year-old had previously committed a criminal offence. He was sentenced to several months in prison for drug offenses. The police searched his house during the night. Investigators wanted to comment on the details on Saturday afternoon.

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What do you know about the alleged perpetrator?

As the Norwegian police confirmed after the crime, the alleged perpetrator is a 42-year-old Norwegian of Iranian origin, who is also known to local intelligence in charge of counter-terrorism. Police Chief Christian Hatlow confirmed Saturday at a news conference. Two firearms were seized in connection with the crime. In addition to a pistol, an automatic weapon was found.

The suspect was also known to the police for minor offenses such as carrying a knife and possession of drugs. Over the night, Operations Director Tori Barstad said everything indicated he was the only culprit.

“Our general assessment is that there is reason to believe that he wants to put the population in a state of extreme fear,” said investigator Christian Hatlow. The mental state of the suspect is also examined. According to him, he did not comment on his crime. Hatlow said it was not yet possible to determine whether the suspect had shot the homosexuals.

Shooting outside a nightclub in Oslo: ‘Then I heard that there was a shooting’

After a fatal shooting in Oslo, authorities investigate suspected terrorism. A police spokesman said on Saturday.

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How did the arrest of the alleged perpetrator go?

According to media reports, the police forces managed to overpower the suspected shooter after a short time. Aftenposten newspaper reported that civilians helped arrest the suspect.

How do eyewitnesses describe the crime?

Journalist Olaf Runeberg of NRK said he witnessed the crime. “I saw a man come into the building with a bag,” he told NRK. “He took a pistol and started shooting. At first he thought the guy had an air pistol.” Then the glass of the bar next door shattered and I knew I had to run in order to hide.” Television footage showed people fleeing the shooting in panic.

One guest, Christian Bridley, told Norwegian newspaper VG that he was hiding out on the fourth floor with a group of about ten people. “Many fear for their lives,” he said. “On our way out, we saw several infected people, and that’s when we realized something serious had happened.”

How does politics respond to the attack?

Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store described the attack as a “cruel and extremely shocking attack on innocent people” in a Facebook post. His thoughts are with those affected and their families. The Social Democrat said that even if the causes of the crime were still unclear at the moment, he wanted to say “to gay people who fear and grieve that we are all with you.”

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King Harald V (85) called on his countrymen to stand together. It is important to uphold common values ​​such as freedom, diversity and respect for one another so that everyone feels safe. Former Conservative Prime Minister Erna Solberg said the freedom to love the one you love has come under attack.

Chancellor Olaf Schultz also expressed sympathy on Saturday. He wrote on Twitter that his thoughts are with the families of the victims.

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Shortly before the Oslo Pride Parade, two people were killed and 14 others injured in a gunshot wound at a popular gay nightclub.

What is a “London pub”?

The nightclub “London Pub” – the main target of the attacks – is a popular meeting place for gays, lesbians and other members of Oslo’s gay scene. The club describes itself on its website as the “best gay bar” in the city and “the gay headquarters since 1979”. In fact, many wanted to celebrate there on the weekend: on Saturday, after the cancellation due to the Corona pandemic, the “Pride Parade” was supposed to take place in Oslo for the first time – in the morning, officials canceled all events, after “wiping instructions and recommendations” From the police.

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