Osborne wins the Bundesliga without even knowing it

Consolation Award for a Disappointing Trial

Written by Christopher Adamets

Jason Osbourne | Photo: Deceuninck – Quick Step

06/24/2022 | (RSN) – Unbeknownst to him, Jason Osborne (Alpecin – Fenix ​​Development) won the fifth round of the German Cycling League as part of the time trial championship in Marsberg. There was no Bundesliga awards ceremony immediately after the race, as the results of the U23s and the Elite had to be added together first.

Osborne himself struggled with his performance in the Time Trial, which did not live up to his own expectations. A frustrated Osbourne didn’t even have the nickname Rad-Bundesliga on his screen. When asked radsport-news.com about the Bundesliga win, Osborne was unable to give an answer as the 11th of the day knew where he was on that day. However, he didn’t know if someone from the elite ranking qualified for a Bundesliga star before him or if a driver from the U23 field was faster than him.

The competition was initially unable to determine whether Osborne was eligible to start in the Bundesliga. So far he has not competed in a race in this series. A look at the trial registration list on the Rad-Bundesliga website didn’t help either, because Osborne wasn’t registered there either. Just a look at the racing series’ public registration list provided clarity. In principle, Osborne was registered as a single start for Rad-Bundesliga and thus won the Bundesliga race.

Full lactate thanks to 600 watts

This, however, was no consolation for Osborne. Because the former rower went through a challenging solo time trial of 27.5 kilometers to end up at the top of the elite. Still on track for a medal in the middle measurement behind later winner Leonard Kamna and teammate Nils Politt and being third, it was only enough for an 11th-place finish.

“Everything went perfectly fine right up until the start,” Osborne said. “But then somehow my head wasn’t right. I actually had a very clear plan, including the first climb. I wanted to use between 520 and 530 watts. there,” in the evening to radsport-news.com. But when he looked at his power meter at the end of the climb, he showed a frighteningly high number: he had pedaled at a rate of 600 watts up the hill, and thus was “significantly overrun.” Pay for it as the race progresses. “I was full of lactate, even the smallest wave was getting me in trouble,” Osborne said.

Osborne couldn’t say for sure how the leak initially happened. “Maybe I put too much pressure on myself. I wanted to get a really good result,” said the Alpecin driver, who pulled something out of the crash. In conclusion, he said, “You shouldn’t be too urgent.”

Derna, the new leader in the Bundesliga

After all, the Rad-Bundesliga win was for him, in the end he was 55 seconds faster than Rad-net Rose’s Tobias Buck-Gramcko. Her sporting director Ralph Grabs was not only happy with his stepmother’s second place for radsport-news.com, which was tied for a silver medal at U23 behind Maurice Ballersted (Alpecin – Fenix), who in turn – to perfection confusion – is unregistered at Rad-Bundesliga.

“The whole team did really well. This is an important success for us. We can be very proud of the way we had the time trial,” Grabsch told Radsport-news.com, who played fourth and ninth through Permin Benz and Moritz Kritchie. In addition, Nicholas Heinrich (14th) and Moritz Casasa (seventeenth) were in the top twenty. With that, Rad-net Rose also won the daily team ranking.

There was also a change in the lead in the overall standings. Michele Stockmann (Saris Ruffy Sauerland) lost his first place because he was only 49th. However, after third in the daily standings, the new leader is teammate John Knolle, who had already donned the leader’s jersey after his first win at Bruchsal. Jan Hueger (Loto – Kern House) is still second overall.

The Rad-Bundesliga will continue on July 24 at Rad am Ring on the Nürburgring.

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