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Press release on 06/25/2022

Students of the Advanced Economics course at Al-Maarifa Vocational Secondary School investigated the question of how to control the economy and the business cycle. They sent their concepts to Federal Minister Habeck, who immediately invited them to Berlin.

Pupils of the advanced economics course at the Knowledge Vocational Secondary School. After presenting their concepts, they were invited to Berlin by Federal Minister Habeck. Before that they were also… (Photo: School)

knowledge. Economic policy and the new federal government? This fits in well, thought the advanced course in economics at Knowledge Vocational Secondary School. Against this backdrop, it seemed interesting to take a closer look at the coalition agreement of the new federal government. The combination of theoretical underpinnings and real political considerations was attractive.

Then the concepts emerged from the discussions and considerations of the course. Various areas of economic policy were examined, such as climate neutrality, sustainability, aviation, the auto industry, start-ups and the shortage of skilled workers in Germany. The resulting paper was then sent to the Department of Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, Federal Minister Robert Habeck – hoping to get an invite. Immediately follow and the course will make its way to Berlin. The joy is great, of course.

Sustainability issues and climate change in particular are issues of great importance at the moment in terms of economic policy. In order to hear an economic point of view on the matter, students of the 12th grade of the vocational high school made their way to the Institute of German Economics in Cologne. As part of a specialized lecture by Professor Dr. Dominik H. Ernste Under this topic a somewhat different view of the discussions of social sustainability is presented a mixture of sustainability, economics and ethical information, after which an examination is made of the question of how to reconcile economics and environment.

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With this in mind, the eleventh graders made their way to Cologne to experience a factory tour. Ford working in Cologne Niehl once again offers factory tours. Manufacturing in North Cologne is considered one of the most efficient and productive in the entire European automobile industry. The complex logistics concept ensures that vehicles are delivered across the Rhine by ship, rail and road to Ford dealerships throughout Europe. Up to 350,000 Fiesta roll off the assembly line each year. Experiencing close insight into production and logistics processes creates opportunities to gain insight into the real economy. This enables linking with teaching topics. (evening)

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