German series on Netflix: These five masterpieces come from here

Dozens of new online series are shown on Netflix every month. Netflix recently published the countries that have produced the most popular Netflix productions. Not surprisingly, the United States came in first, closely followed by South Korea and Colombia. Germany can be found in seventh place. So that German production can also slip into the top five in the future, we’re giving you five today German series on Netflix These are absolute masterpieces and can absolutely compete in the international market.

German Series on Netflix: German-language series that have been an international hit

In recent years, soap operas that are not spoken in English have managed to celebrate international success time and time again. Spain, Colombia and France are big players, as well as Germany from time to time. In the past few years, It also recorded more than 15 series high ratings abroad. We present five German series on Netflix that impress either with their success or simply with their message.

1. How to Sell Drugs Online (Almost)

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) is the third series produced by Netflix and filmed in Germany. German Netflix series revolves around the main character Moritz, who, in order to win back his girlfriend, begins to figure out how he can get an orgasm. So he delves more and more into the drug trade. What seems dramatic at first is actually quite funny in the series.

In fact, the series is inspired by a real case. A Leipzig man with the nickname “Shiny Flex” sold over 650 kilos of drugs on the dark web before he was arrested.

How to sell drugs online (almost) is quite funny despite the first topic. picture: Netflix Media Center / Bernd Spauk

2. Charity

The Charité series was produced on behalf of ARD and now consists of three seasons. As the name suggests, the series takes place in the historic Charity University Hospital in Berlin. The seasons are not really related to each other because they happen at completely different times. Only the site – Charité – always remains the same.

The first season takes place at the end of the 19th century and accompanies the pioneering successes of physicians such as Robert Koch. The second season takes place about 40 years later, during World War II. In this season, doctors such as Ferdinand Sauerbruch and Max de Krennis are accompanied by doctors. The final season so far begins directly with the construction of the wall in 1961 and accompanies pediatrician Ingeborg Rapoport and Otto Prokop on their cases.

Each season also features fictional characters who contribute to the main story of the series. The issues are very exciting because of their reality and historical reference Sometimes very annoying. An absolute honest recommendation, not just for fans of Grey’s Anatomy.

3. Darkness

Dark is the first Netflix series to be produced in Germany, and it was such a hit that it even won a Grimme Award in the fantasy category in 2018. The series is rather dark and deals with all kinds of horrific topics. Season 1 begins with the loss of two children from the fictional city of Winden. While searching for them, the heroes come across disturbing events and secrets that have been hidden for a long time.

When things like time travel and wormholes suddenly appear, sci-fi fans in particular get their money’s worth. The series was particularly successful internationally. According to Netflix, only every tenth viewer came from Germany.

Dark German Series on Netflix
Darkness is not for the faint of heart. picture: Netflix Media Center / Julia Trijong

4 – bruising 56

Ku’damm 56 is an absolute honest recommendation to all the people who love dance movies, family quarrels and drama. The series accompanies the three sisters, Monica, Helga and Eva. Living with their mother above their dance school in Ku’damm. The three sisters couldn’t be more different and therefore have very different problems that they have to deal with.

The series has a very interesting story and gives you access to the characters. There are now also Ku’damm 59 and Ku’damm 63 – also highly recommended German series on Netflix.

56- In front of
Kodam 56 is funny, sad and sexy all in one. picture: Images IMAGO / POP-EYE

5. Guilt

Ferdinand von Scherach is one of the most influential and famous German authors of the past few decades. He has already published dozens of critical and socially controversial works, some of which have also been filmed. One of them is guilt. On behalf of ZDF, Moritz Bleptro plays the role of attorney and criminal defense attorney Friedrich Kronberg in the series, which has been in these three seasons. He faces a lot of questions and difficult situations morally. From drug crimes to domestic violence to murder, everything is included in the episodes. In addition to Netflix, you can also find the series in the ZDF media library.

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