From what age is Instagram allowed? Parents should know this!

While today’s parents didn’t have access to their internet when they were young, let alone use a smartphone, social media users are now younger and younger. But how old is too young? We’ll show you at what age Instagram is allowed, what age restrictions there are and how parents can control their children’s use of social media with a new feature.

From what age is Instagram allowed?

In fact, Instagram does not allow every age group to use its platform: Only from 13 years old Social media platform allowed. If you want to set up a new Instagram account, you will also be asked to select your age. Instagram is no different from other platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook or Pinterest, where the minimum age has been set at 13 years as well. Strictly speaking, young people aged 13-15 in the European Union also need permission of their parentsAccording to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Minimum age of 16 to consent to the processing of personal data wanted.

Are there age controls on Instagram?

Despite the minimum age requirement of 13, there are currently no age blocks or controls on Instagram. Kids can easily access Instagram by providing untruthful information and they can view public posts without their private account anyway. According to the company, this should change:

… We are aware that young people in particular sometimes give an incorrect date of birth. We want to prevent that. But checking a user’s age online is a complex task that many online businesses face. To master this challenge, we are developing a new age verification method using artificial intelligence and machine learning.


In addition to age verification, other protective mechanisms should also be implemented on Instagram, such as warnings if young people receive direct messages from adults or if an adult user wants to add an apparent number of minors’ accounts.

Kids and young adults should be aware of the number of followers that really means – after all, they are often bought. Here’s what you should keep in mind if you’re thinking about it yourself:

Tip: Family section on Instagram

Even from the age of 13, the use of social media platforms is not without problems. Without any education and oversight, young people can quickly become negatively affected by toxic content or become victims of sexually motivated communication attempts by adults. In order to give parents more insight into their children’s use of social media, Instagram will be launched at the end of June 2022 in Germany family area a. There, parents and legal guardians have the opportunity Supervise children between the ages of 13 and 18. However, this requires the consent of both parties:

This feature gives parents the opportunity to see their child’s new followers in a weekly report and set time limits and rest periods (eg at night). Conversely, youngsters can also inform their parents immediately if they report an Instagram account due to bullying or sexual harassment.

Surprisingly, younger influencers dominate the Instagram charts less than these accounts:

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