Elbhangfest Dresden: directions, tickets and program – what visitors need to know now

Elbhangfest party area: directions, tickets, program – you must know

The Elbhang 30th Festival has been taking place in Dresden since Friday. How visitors can best get there, where tickets are still available, and what highlights they can look forward to.

Written by Christoph Springer and Christoph Pingel

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Here’s Your Health: Wine Carts at Saturday’s Festival Parade
© Rene Minngue

Dresden. It’s time: Since Friday, large parts of the landscape between Bellnitz and Luschwitz have once again become a large party area with many meeting points, with concerts, films, performances and readings.

After Corona’s two-year break, Elbhang celebrates again, for the thirtieth time. With somewhat overcast weather, overcast skies, and a relatively new temperature of 22 degrees, several jubilant people gathered at the parade on Saturday morning after the big party started the day before.

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Volker Wenzel from Elbhangfest e. V. thanked everyone in his speech who helped make the Elbhang Festival possible despite Corona issues, financial concerns, etc. There were also greetings from Education Minister Christian Bewers (CDU).

Until Sunday evening, Elbhang will now “spin”. Want to know where to get drinks and water? Do guests have to go there by bike? Or do you prefer to go by car? Are you allowed to bring your own drinks onto the site? And what are the highlights? Here are the most important questions and answers:

What is the best way for visitors to reach Elbhangfest?

To get the culinary things started: Party early Friday evening in the area below Körnerplatz.

To get the culinary things started: Party early Friday evening in the area below Körnerplatz.
© Rene Minngue

If you arrive by bus or train, you can get to Körnerplatz, as far as Pillnitz and a little further – the end of the journey in Gustavheim. Or you can take the route via Elbe, for example with tram lines 4 and 6.

Then we continue on ferry trips from Laubegast to Niederpoyritz – Friday and Saturday until 2 am, Sunday until midnight. You can also take the ferry from Kleinzschachwitz to Pillnitz to Elbhangfest – continuously from Friday 5.30 am until Monday morning.

Bus line 63 between Körnerplatz and Pillnitz does not operate during the Elbhang Festival, and ends at Schillerplatz. If you’re good on foot, you can explore about nine kilometers of the festival grounds on foot.

A good alternative is a bike, and there is parking space everywhere. Owning a car is not a good choice. If you can not do without it, you have to reckon with not being able to find a parking space in Loschwitz. This also applies to Pillnitz.

The “Elbhangfest-Dampfer-Shuttle” runs between stations in Blasewitz and Pillnitz. Those with the festival grounds entrance bracelet can ride along. Friday evening, the ship will make two trips to Pilnitz and back, at 6 p.m. and 8:15 p.m. from Plaswitz. Five flights in each direction are scheduled on Saturday and four flights on Sunday. The ship continues to Terrassenufer once every evening. All travel times here are under “Elbhangfest-Dampfer-Shuttle”.

Trellis of Joy: Show at Elbhang Festival on Saturday

Trellis of Joy: Show at Elbhang Festival on Saturday
© Rene Minngue

Where can I park in an emergency?

Elbhang Festival officials recommend parking at the Schiller Gallery and at the DVB end point in Pillnitz. Another option is to park in Bühlau, for example, in the P + R area of ​​the Bautzner Landstraße and then take bus line 61 all the way to Körnerplatz.

Loschwitz’s car park at Fidelio-F.-Finke-Straße is out of the question, it’s on the festival grounds.

What are closed streets?

The Pillnitzer Landstraße, which became the Orangeriestraße in Pillnitz and then Lohmener Straße, was completely closed – that is, the direct connection between Loschwitz and Pillnitz. However, access to the ferry in Pelnitz is free.

Streets in the center of Loschwitz are also closed, for example Friedrich-Wieck-Straße and Fidelio-F.-Finke-Straße. Residents who live close to the festival site can obtain a transit permit from the Elbhangfest office (tel 0351 2683832). However, they should be aware of the fact that they will only make very slow progress with their cars on the streets due to the festival visitors.

How will the weather be?

It will be hot this weekend. According to the German weather service, temperatures could rise to 30 degrees.

The German Red Cross (DRK) is available for emergencies – at Loschwitz in the car park of Apothekerkammer Fidelio-F.-Finke-Straße 9. There is running water in toilet containers, the location of which is specified in the program brochure. Vendors also offer soft drinks and water.

Are there still tickets?

yes. Since Friday, tickets have only been available at the box office.

Admission costs 19 euros, privileges 17 euros. To date, 16,500 tickets have been sold. The organizers expect a total of 25,000 guests.

What are the highlights of the Elbhang Festival?

There will be a German premiere on Saturday 25th June from 10pm: “The Moiret Experience”, a stunning aerial art show from Spain. Tightrope world record holder Robin Langer balances on a rope on the rooftops of Losschwitz (Saturdays 1.30pm-3pm and Sunday 1pm-2pm in Losschwitz Village Square).

Jan Vogler will be attending the final concert on Sunday at 7 p.m. in Castle Garden. These are just three highlights of the weekend. 200 artists will perform on 11 stages over three days. The program is available online.

What about food and drink?

Food is plentiful. Here are some examples: on the village square of Loschwitz and in Fidelio-F.-Finke-Straße Loschwitz there are steaks and prawns, but also vegetarian and sweets. Hand bread is served in the wine village of Loschwitz. In the center of Wachwitz village there are Hungarian specialties to choose from, as well as fresh grilled fare and Baumstriezel.

Visitors are not permitted to take food into the building. The same applies to alcohol. The organizers have no objection to bringing a 0.5 liter water bottle (not glass, please).

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