Crime: Twin sisters invent a very dangerous app


Twin sisters create an incendiary app

Twins Samira (left) and Sarah Masoud of Newallermohi wrote a book: “Your silence is worth its weight in gold.”

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In their book, Samira and Sarah Masoud send five friends on a murderous horror journey and turn to their bag of tricks.

Hamburg. It must be a really great weekend. Few days between friends, one of them is 18 years old, and a little party with him. But then Leah, Sohail, Eren and Tyler don’t get together in one far hut Experience in Lower Saxony pure horror: a horror journeyfrom one of them deadly finish …

But it’s a horror ride, which, fortunately, is just a fantasy – created in the minds of Samira and Sarah Massoud. Both are 16 years old twin sisters From Neuallermöhe there are commonalities excitement Written and now published by Verlagshaus Schlosser at his own expense. “Your silence is worth its weight in gold” (17.90 euros) can be ordered from all major bookstores or Amazon.

Book Project: Twin Sisters Publish a Thrilling Story

“Many of our families and friends have already bought the book,” the sisters are happy to say. One of the teachers at Bornbrook Gymnasium, where they both go to school, and the coaches from the gym were so curious that they asked for the book.

The 226-page work is very complex and full of twists and turns. The chapters are told alternately in the first person perspective of the five heroes. Readers first learn more about the five children before the young people in the story begin their journey to the remote cabin. The first conflicts appeared long ago at this stage.

The dummy application becomes a retreat for the group

But now the fictional authors are reaching their own bag of tricks. Because its five protagonists are all using a dummy app. It works like a regular messaging service – only if there is no sender of the messages. Each participant can write anonymously in the group. A very dangerous application, as will be shown in the further procedure.

Because suddenly one of the participants informs the application and sends four young men – the fifth girl has disappeared – to a shed next to the hut. They say there is a rope that everyone has to assemble to find the surprise and reward hidden behind a curtain.

Readers follow the main characters’ search for clues

The authors describe what happened next as follows: “When the blanket fell to the floor brilliantly, we saw a horrific and horrific sight.” The missing girl was unconscious, tied with a rope, strangled, and then killed. Young people together became killers: “We were the ones who did this to her. It was we who pulled the rope around her neck. And it was we who made it impossible for a girl to breathe.” But who of the remaining four young men prepared this atrocity? Readers know this and follow the heroes’ search for clues.

“We have always loved reading crime novels and writing stories ourselves,” Samira Massoud says. And so they had an idea of ​​this plot early on. At the age of fourteen they began writing their story. Alternating chapter by chapter. “What the other wrote was always right, you wouldn’t have done yourself differently,” says Sarah Massoud – perhaps no wonder there are identical twins.

Father donates publishing costs and even editor

However, the sisters always took longer breaks between classes. And even when the work was finally done, they didn’t even think about publishing it at first. “But at one point we thought: Why should lying be here? And maybe there are people in our time who don’t dare and we can encourage them,” says Sarah Massoud.

Baba Muhammad Masoud donated to his daughters the costs of self-publishing, including an editor, and also wrote a small introduction. With the editor, the girls made some corrections and cosmetic changes. “We’ve even added an entire chapter.” But the scaffolding remained.

Now girls – who also like to draw, do karate or play the piano – are not only proud of their first job. But he is already in the process of writing a second book. “We first thought about writing a sequel,” says Sarah Massoud. But now it will be a new book, Samira adds. “We have a lot of time to write during the holidays!”

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