Zeus and Werbetsky turned the cultural work of knowledge into an oasis of laughter

Message from 06/24/2022

Written by Wolfgang Rabsch

Anyone who expected a deep, content-packed comedy from Zeus and Werbitzky was probably wrong in their choice of event. Because what the two stars of the morning show from SWR 3 brought to the enthusiastic audience of Kulturwerk was just for the fun, the joy and the zest of life.

Zeus and Wirbitzky offered some value of the show, too. (Photos: W. Rappish)

knowledge. Not only did Zeus and Werbitzky constantly slip into new roles and costumes and thus create diverse situations on the stage – they were also persuaded by role-plays, obscene puns, and twisted words.

About 600 excited spectators unconditionally watched the “dumb duo”, who can certainly live with this expression. Messing around, not taking anything seriously, and above all not overestimating themselves, they shot one muzzle after another into the hall and harvested endless bursts of laughter for this pleasure. You can’t describe everything, like who or what the two of them made fun of. So here are some of the highlights they made fun of with their pseudo-characters.

Right at the start of the show, Zeus flew onto the stage as the heavyweight Superman, with Wirbitzky stating briefly that the 4G rule may have been applied to him during the pandemic: vaccinate, recover, eat and drink. Werbitzky scared smokers out soon after when he said a study found that sitting for an hour would mean 22 minutes less life. So come to the conclusion that sitting is your new smoking, depending on your age, it might not be worth the trip home from the event. Perhaps some smokers’ laughter got stuck in their throats. The duo were also going to have serious trouble in a nursing home when they performed “Last Christmas” there.

When Michael Werbetsky slipped into the role of the always annoying Peter Giddons from Bonn-Poppelsdorf, he went into the audience “armed” with a cable drum and explained to the stunned audience that one should expect the worst when using green electricity if they get an electric shock. But this is not so bad, because after all a natural biological death. Then there was another truism when he explained how much it costs to charge an electric Volkswagen: of course only with the Gulf Stream. But in electric cars, it’s more like diarrhea because you don’t know if you’re going home.

Chubby Bavarian but no less, Catherine Werthaler (Sacha Zeus), resents the breed and stumbles from one mistake to another when trying to use special terms. Wirbitzky had trouble patching Vierthaler. Do you like the taste? “In the ‘Humbug Uni’ prostitutes, the situation almost came down.” Of course, the students protested and the situation escalated. But Catherine Werthaler also likes that when determining the sex of people, not only women and men but also perverts, by which, of course, he intended diversity, can be included in the list. According to Catherine, there are also four basic arithmetic operations, namely addition, subtraction, masturbation and division. It is up to you to decide which account type is not to be used.

Michael Wirbitzky also slipped into the role of torero, who repeatedly moved the audience on “Olé-Calls” when he tried to damage the bull’s “Cojones” (Sascha Zeus).

Finally, an RPG with two Qatari oil billionaires, Agip Bin Esso and Aral Bin Shell, who play a foursome with a number of their luxury mansions, either women or slave laborers. Both were so upset by the German Wall, that they now only wished to work from their home office.

Very gracefully, in a sexy short dress, Michael Werbetsky in the role of bachelor Julia charmed three girls, one of whom was destined to receive the last rose. This party caused a lot of fun as these guys tried to be totally weird and weird to flirt with the bachelorette.

All in all a wonderful evening, which took away all worries and problems for two hours. During the last applause, Zeus called the guests a standing ovation. He referred to the above study, according to which one lives longer if one stays alive.

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