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No cheese! Young St. Gallen resident Jive Lew writes feminist songs – with a sharp tongue and without restraints.

This young woman does not stain her words: “Dependency, adaptation, fearlessness, assholes – all these dominate my life as a young woman. For me as a musician, he is the greatest inspiration,” says 32-year-old Ricarda Naif from St. Gallen.

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But it took some time before Ricarda Naif was able to consciously defend her ideals. “I haven’t described myself as a feminist for a long time. Feminism has been incomprehensible to me for a long time, or unfortunately I have been hating that word for a long time.” After the breakup, she wrote her first feminist song: “Prinz im Porsche”.

You are my prince, you are my prince. But this horse is a Porsche. I ascend to the end of luck. Save me, save me

In it, Ricarda Naif captures the image of a fairy-tale prince riding his white horse to save his princess. But this is about subordination in the relationship and clichés, says Naif: “I want to reveal it. Porsche is a symbol of status and power, but there are often doubts behind it.”

In her sarcastic words, she consciously goes against the expectations of the audience. “That’s my sense of humor too,” laughs Ricarda Naif. “I like this contrast. It should encourage you to think about your history and your behaviour.”

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Naif is actually a performance artist and art educator. But at some point this form of expression was no longer enough for her, she said. Now she has discovered music as a mouthpiece for herself. “I have often withheld my opinion. Making music, using voice – that was the first step to expressing my opinion openly. That was a great liberation.”

Focus on “Classical Talent and Jazz” on SRF Radio 2 Kultur

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All music programs on Radio SRF 2 Kultur – from “Diskothek” to “Künste im Talks” to “Musikmagazin” – focus on young musicians for a week.

Among other things, we ask how artist Jiffy Law questions social norms in her work and how refugee musicians are gaining a foothold in Switzerland. Concerts ranging from jazz to classical are broadcast every evening from 8pm, with young musicians setting the tone.

The focus is on June 29th: During the summer semester, students from Electronic Studio Basel produced exclusive radio compositions for SRF 2 Kultur Radio. In this context, the world premiere will be staged by composition student Dakota Wayne and broadcast live in Studio Basel. In his article, he comments artistically on the 100-year-old radio medium and sample jingles from SRF 2 Kultur, among other things.

Ricarda Naif says that music brought a whole new face into her. What’s more, in her songs she not only sings about herself. That is why she performs her role as a musician under the name Jive Lou. “My songs come from conversations with others, through reading feminist books and through my own story along with a lot of imagination.”

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The gender of the name Jiffy Lu was not immediately determined, and she plays with it. With Jiffy Lu, she can carry out her ideas with curiosity, courage and joy. “It’s like a team I’ve been holding back for for a long time. This site isn’t perfect, decent, clean and doesn’t pay attention to what they say. This side is coming wild with Jiffy Law.”

The song “Go nöd go shower,” an ode to armpit sweat, is about sexual preferences. The fact that women’s sweat and smells like sweat is still a taboo topic for many. But race is all the other body odors and supposed taboo that women don’t talk about. The song is also about sexual preferences.

Dini Höhli vode Love charms little sense. Pungent pungent odor. E – A mixture of water, salt, potassium, protein, dairy, urinary and fat products. Baby, please nod take a shower You know, I love your race.

“We’re Jiffy Lou”

Feminist music has seen amazing progress in recent years. Equality and the right to self-determination: these are still hot topics.

That’s why Ricarda Naif hopes she can achieve something with her songs. “My goal is not to write an anthem that will be played on the radio. But I want my songs to resonate.” If they get it to only one person, and then they read a feminist book or discuss it with a friend, then small waves may appear.

Anyway, their songs are more than just an indication. Ricarda Naif believes that anger is important and that it is also important to talk about what’s on your mind. But she notes that she can make as much as she can if she attracts other people.

“My songs are also a call to everyone who says: You can break out and live the full potential within you. We’re Jiffy Lu, and I’ll say “we” now. We are many and we are united.”

Listening and concert notice

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“Go nöd go shower” was released on Spotify and Apple Music in June. Next Jevi Lou concert: September 10, 2022 in Lichtensteig

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