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Kenneth Arnold had seen saucer-like objects 75 years ago. Thus the flying saucer was born.

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“Flying Saucers Attack” – In 1956, this movie hit movie theaters all over the world and people saw on the big screen what space communication could be. Of course, this was not so peaceful in the movie. They flew to Earth in shiny silver objects and attacked humanity with lasers and high-tech.

Where did the idea of ​​a flying saucer come from?

Description of the shape of extraterrestrial flying objects has a very terrestrial origin. A few years ago, on June 24, 1947, the term “flying saucer” began the victory march. To this day, this ensures that disc- or saucer-shaped flying objects are seen as the preferred mode of transportation for extraterrestrial visitors.

They were invented by Kenneth Albert Arnold. On that Tuesday 75 years ago, a businessman and air pilot was flying in the sky over the US state of Washington – and he saw something there, he later told a radio reporter in a radio interview: He saw light phenomena near Mount Rainier, nine unusual. Flying objects that sped from in front of him in formation. At 1,200 miles per hour, it’s like “savings jump over water.”

Kenneth Arnold flew around Mount Rainier in the United States in 1947 and saw nine flying objects shaped like a saucer.


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What Kenneth Arnold really saw on June 24, 1947 has not been definitively explained. It was later said, that it was more of an atmospheric phenomenon, that Arnold himself thought of further tests of modern military aircraft. But with the speed that he estimated that was not possible at the time, so this unusual vision has received a lot of attention.

By the way, Kenneth Arnold was very upset that his description had such a successful career, because he always insisted that he was misunderstood and emphasized this in the interview.

He explains to the reporter that most newspapers misunderstood and misquoted him. Arnold asserts that he never said they were “like a saucer,” but that they flew “like a saucer.”

Flying saucer around the world

However, with Kenneth Arnold’s description, the word got out and the UFO phenomenon started all over the world. Alleged sightings of UFOs coming to us from distant worlds, preferably in the form of disk-shaped spaceships, keep on coming. In the 1950s, this phenomenon really took off, with news and newsletters reporting sights from all over the world.

Kenneth Arnold’s remark so excited the world public that thousands of similar reports were followed around the world. The hype surrounding disc-shaped flying objects is well suited to this era. After World War II, technological development boomed and space came within reach – and the idea: “If we humans can fly into space, aliens can also come to Earth” is no longer out of reach for many.

In any case, the media hype at the time ensured that the myth of “UFOs in UFOs” became ingrained in our heads and enriched our culture since June 24, 1947. New books and series, and above all, science fiction films are published all the time, and always end in style. Good in the end.

Netflix's Stranger Things series (Photo: IMAGO, IMAGO/ZUMA Press)

In the Netflix series Stranger Things, supernatural things happen in a small town.



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