Topic: Ten facts every woman should know

Being a woman is hard, isn’t it? Does anyone have any preconceived notion that it would be this difficult? On TV and from afar everything seemed somehow lighter. More confident, clearer, easier, maybe better. Instead, there is pressure. Lots of tension. every second! The subject of the job, the endless debates about the assignment of roles, this eternal retouched model of unkillable beauty, the joys and sorrows of searching for a partner, the perpetual question of family planning, the inculcation of rivalry between one another, and the constant concern for others. And all this in a world that is spinning very fast and at the same time not going in the right direction. Some good constructive captions. Especially if it is correct. As in the next topic Tweet embed.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this thread. If only a few women could comprehend these words, much would be accomplished. Because there are enough examples in the digital world that women are often unnecessarily hard on themselves and their gender. Many users have also noted how important it is to rethink the perspective of this topic. We picked up some feedback for you.

good idea

Never forget!

We all need this from time to time

Why is this often so difficult?

Maybe one day we will get out of this whirlpool of thinking

Seriously, women are pretty cool. And her first tweets:

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