Top 10 documentaries on Netflix for an awesome night

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The joint is lit, the junk food is ready, and you’re ready to suck the information into your brain like a Neo in matrix. So you turn on Netflix and are immersed in the flood of color documentaries that are out there. You now risk getting stuck in an endless loop of hesitation, and end up looking at anything without expanding your mind.

To prevent this from happening, we have compiled a list of the best Netflix documentaries to watch while smoking weed. There is something for everyone, whether they are gourmets, architecture lovers, or conspiracy theorists. So grab the cheese pizza and hit play! Oh yeah, if you’re in the mood for more movies or series, we’ve got something for you too.

Abstract It is currently one of the best documentaries on Netflix. Each episode tells about the life and work of a successful designer – whether in graphic design, architecture, sneaker design, photography, interior design or illustration. The method is adapted to the person concerned. In architect Bjarke Ingels, for example, we get drone shots of his impressive buildings, which also do a good job of portraying Ingels’ senseless figure. With Christoph Niemann, the famous illustrator of The New York TimesThe episode is rather quiet, punctuated by his own graphics and accompanied by b-roll footage illustrating Niemann’s unusual thought process and simple way of working.

Although different, all episodes brilliantly demonstrate how to make informative art about art. The absolute recommendation whether it is stony or sober.
– Nicole Clark

Do you like something more related to conspiracy theories than politics? Then get your hands on the documentary about the turbulent career of Roger Stone, a former advisor to former United States President Richard Nixon. He is said to be behind the political success of Donald Trump and does not need drugs to elevate himself. No, he’s just drowning in all the hate thrown at him and he’s happy.
– Beckett Movson

in popular It’s all about the social effects of consumption and simplicity as an alternative. The frugal lifestyle can be traced back to spiritual figures such as Buddha or Jesus, and in modern times it has been particularly popular in the art scene since the 1960s. Nowadays, we are awash in advertising, so it hasn’t been easy to really apply minimalism principles. Fortunately, there is this documentary – and after 80 minutes you will feel the urgency to clean your apartment even if you have been stoned.
– Beckett Movson

This docu chain has gotten its fair share of criticism (too arrogant, too little focus on the chefs to begin with), but there is simply no more mouthwatering food offer out there. While many other series make baking and cooking competitions, shows Chef’s table The sophisticated dishes of star chefs in their most beautiful aesthetic. A real treat that only fuels your snacks.
– Nicole Clark

You had to scrape the last weed crumbs out of your mills? Is your account exposed again? Is your student loan weighing you down? Then sit back and immerse yourself in a Netflix docuseries about the miserable capitalist economic nightmare we find ourselves in. At least, the episode about Pharma-Bro Martin Shkreli ends with a happy ending.
– Michael Bolin

British architect and actress exploring “unconventional homes in extreme places”. That’s all it takes to get a high degree of relaxation and pleasure from an aesthetic point of view. Each episode revolves around a different terrain, from the mountains to the forests to the coast. The result is the perfect visual treatment for all stoners with a penchant for unique architecture and impressive design. And both hosts are either eccentric enough to keep you entertained or British enough to gently lull you to sleep on your couch. Both are fine.
– Meredith Balcos

Cai Guo-Qiang is something of a magician: The Chinese artist uses fireworks to create incredibly moving artwork, like his iconic ladder to heaven, which he used to represent the relationship with his late grandmother. Exploding entertainment that makes you cry at the same time – what more could he want?
– Beckett Movson

explained It is a collaboration between Netflix and the American media company Vox. Each episode lasts only 20 minutes and explains different things, from simple things like monogamy to more exotic topics like K-Pop. A mix of hilarious cartoons, vintage archival footage, and experts explaining everything like five-year-olds are the perfect dessert after green main course.
– Beckett Movson

Paris is burning It’s art whether you’re high or not. With some THC in your veins, you’ll surely find this documentary about the New York ballroom scene in the ’80s and early ’90s even more exciting. During this time the AIDS crisis was raging, and supporters of the scene had to struggle with the economic and social situation. For this Paris is burning Sometimes not for the light fare – but in a good way. After the documentary, you will yearn for a world you may not have experienced for yourself before.
– Anna Yovin

When we think of surfing, we first think of dream beaches, colorful board shorts, and delicious parachute drinks. Through his documentary, famous photographer Chris Burchard proves that there is another way Under the arctic sky. Burchard and some fellow surfers traveled to Iceland in the winter of 2015 to surf the north of the island in waters no surfer would have ventured – sub-zero temperatures, heavy snowstorms, and barely daylight. In addition to such stressful situations, the documentary also offers great nature shots and an atmospheric soundtrack. Semi-ointment for the stressed stony soul. And you won’t soon forget the photos of the coronation under the aurora borealis.
– Florian Jinch

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