The Youth Welfare Office assesses 2021: Daycare places in Bonin are still available

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At the family office on Bahnhof Street, Norbert Inters and Katja Schön have been evaluating the work of the Youth Welfare Office over the past year. © Presh Kera

“Things are looking good in Bonin at the moment,” Katja Schön and Norbert Inters say. Because there are still vacancies at the beginning of the new kindergarten year. This was not always the case. Both are assessing the work of the past year and the topics currently high on the agenda in family and youth work.

Bonin – “The Youth Welfare Office consists of two semi-detached houses – Politics and Administration,” Norbert Inters, chair of the county youth welfare commission, summed up the relationship between management and politics. And the cooperation is working fine. Together with Katja Schön, Head of the Family and Youth Department of Una County, he has now assessed the work of the Youth Welfare Office at the Bahnhof Family Office over the past year. The policy is part of the Youth Welfare Office. We are working hand in hand to ensure the success of the task force.”

The area of ​​responsibility is broad: adoptive placement, child and youth support, child-rearing assistance with foster child service, family office and psychological counseling centers are part of the department’s portfolio such as child day care, parental allowance and prepaid payments.

Various aids

Educate, Support and Encourage Having a baby means taking care of many things. Not all parents are able to do this, so those who need support can find it in Una County, among other areas. The Family and Youth Administration supports children and parents from Bönen, Fröndenberg and Holzwickede with various services and offers – that is, in places where there is no youth welfare office.

Enters says: “You can see in the current Annual Report for 2021 that the increase in places in day care and daycare centers does not always happen as quickly as we would like, because we all know that now it is difficult to get access to craftsmen and materials, for example to build day care centers New daylights – and they became more expensive.”

Struggle with finances

On the other hand, the legislature has formulated a clear legal right of the fathers. “We can’t help but give birth every time parents say I want a U3 childcare place for my child.” This means that management has to do the preliminary work, talk to service providers, find construction sites, and politicians have to make decisions. Enters asserts “If we create these places, more and more parents will benefit from the early childhood education offerings, which is important.” “But we also fight over and over again with trustees, who have to save money in times of tight budgets.”

Enters assures that the department is working tirelessly on the way to talking to all daycare providers as the facility can still be expanded. “If we are planning a new residential area like the one in Bönen, the childcare needs to be planned at the same time. The good thing about Bönen is that we work with a relatively manageable group of sponsors and a lot can be done there. I am looking forward to opening an Awo day care center.” The researchers Juniors” in Borgholz II, planned for August 1st. The SPI sponsor will then take over the container at Postplatz.

Plan your needs as soon as possible

“We’re on the safe side right now,” says Katja Schon. “Unlike the other two municipalities, we are in a comfortable position as we have free places available at the beginning of the kindergarten year. Of course, that could change again quickly, as we know from the past. That is why we are already in talks with the municipality about planning for the needs of the new development area” Auf der Kiße “With 110 housing units in Nordkamp, ​​where we expect a large proportion of families to move to Bönen from abroad.”

High demands on children’s day care

By far the greatest demand is for daycare places as opposed to daycare. “The training time for daycare workers was sometimes 60 to 80 hours, then 160 hours,” Norbert Inters says. “Now we’re at 300 hours.” Katja Schon estimates that the number of supervisors will decrease in the future. Only one person is currently registered with Bönen who wants to conduct the training. This is a balance between the necessary qualifications and the acquisition of additional supervisors.

Successful family office

Bönen’s second big topic is the family office, which after extensive discussion can be established as an early aid within the care of young people in the community. According to the first results, this was very well accepted. The fact that a low-threshold focal point was established outside the administration, which has a more private character, proved to be beneficial.

“Offering guidance to parents early on is unbeatable, as it prevents small problems from growing into big problems,” Norbert Inters says. “Many events are now taking place here, also in collaboration with other organizations such as Go in.” Of course, space and personnel capacity is limited. Assessments should now show whether the office – currently a half-time job – should be filled more in the future.

future meeting point enter

The future of Go at the meeting point is also a pivotal question. “The first considerations are already underway,” says Katja Schon. “There is some need for renovation, but this is no longer fully implemented when looking for a new site because in the future the road will pass through the property.” Politicians agree that a facility of a similar size is needed again, enters adds, “But if the new road doesn’t come as quickly as planned, the question is how much do we still invest or do we move to a new location early?”

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