The Bundestag discussed the new regulations in first reading

Theasst speak numbers, in life as in death! “In Germany, more than 9,000 people take their own lives every year,” according to the multiparty movement “Promoting suicide prevention and enabling life with self-determination,” which was presented to the German Bundestag yesterday, along with three draft laws on first reading after the Constitutional Court The federal ban on commercial euthanasia was repealed two years ago.

The Karlsruhe decision also includes the following message: “According to a third expert assessment, mental illness poses a significant risk to the free decision to commit suicide.” Thus about 90 percent of fatal suicidal acts are mental disorders, particularly in the form of depression, which occurs in 40 to 60 percent of sufferers play a role. Is not clinging to life itself sick?

Not at all, but according to the said view, mental illness limits the remarkable criterion established by Karlsruhe judges for making the possibility of assisted suicide mandatory: personal responsibility. Now this may actually be 90 percent fantasy if one accidentally perceives feeling energetic or empty, accomplished or lost.

Fooled by a misunderstanding of oneself

Fooled by a misunderstanding of the self, free will, if one were to insist on it, would be a series of often contradictory stages, whose compressed form would still be difficult and could at best sometimes be described according to the motto “Sorry, I am then free”. In any case, personal responsibility is not just a flimsy criterion in the case of mental illness, and certainly not a criterion that will lead to unchallenged live or die decisions. For the few who are deemed to be able to end life “independently”, many have to put up with the strict rigors of assisted suicide.

Otherwise, the state will risk letting the wrong people die. But how can those who are right from death be determined? The Concrete Free Will Seal of Consent cannot be anthropologically relevant. After all, a person who is considered independent from the outside is incomprehensible in relation to himself.

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