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Stuttgart (dpa/tmn) – The average age is hardly faster than a video game. What was a comic fireworks a few years ago is smiling little more today.

What remains is the memory of the exciting hours of play in the children’s room. Publishers are using this nostalgic feeling for fans for elaborate new versions of popular video games.

“Devil Spirits”: Extremely difficult demonic fun

All Begins Tough: When small Japanese development studio From Software released RPG “Demon’s Souls” exclusively for PS3 in 2009, no one doubted the effects on the video game industry.

It was a brutal and relentless spectacle that plunged players into the dark fantasy medieval times and punished them for every little mistake. A new genre was born that recently reached its zenith with the “Elden Ring”. Fans sneak or run boldly through a world full of thousands of dangers, and encounter sticky monsters that can also come from HP Lovecraft’s pen.

In fact, this concept should not work in the world of video games as it was more about not overburdening players. But “Devil Spirits” has become a cult hit for an entire generation of gaming consoles. So, professional publisher Sony hired a remake of Bluepoint Games, who previously brought the popular PS2 song “Shadow of the Colossus” to life in an impressive way.

A remake of “Demon’s Souls” was released just in time for the PS5 release and impressively showed what the new console is capable of. Smooth animations, timeless artwork and a relentlessly challenging level of difficulty all make the remake a must-have for PS5 owners, which will make “Elden Ring” gamers out in their veins.

Worth playing because: Anyone who can’t get enough of grueling role-playing games after “Elden Ring” is in the right place with “Demon’s Souls”. Bluepoint Software polishes the cult up to a high gloss.

“Demon’s Souls”, Bluepoint Games, Sony for PS5, USK from 16

“Mafia: Definitive Edition”

The action-adventure game “Mafia” brought about a game changer in 2001. At the time, action games were notorious for being just superficial scenes of violence. But former Czech development studio Illusion Softworks lied to critics.

Rather than aimless shooting, their third-person adventure tackled themes of guilt and punishment, the lure of power, and loneliness at the head of a brutal crime clan. Hero Tommy was a symbol for many of his sick colleagues who at the beginning of the 20th century often strayed from the right path between poverty and hope for a better life.

The Godfather’s mix of unbridled action and fast-paced big city car racing was groundbreaking and stood out from the competition with its intricate stages and characters. Tommy makes his way to the top of the mafia with simple missions and assassinations. In the end he faces his conscience. The single missions are not original, but they are especially exciting and amazing in a remake.

The cult song has been reworked by development studio Hangar 13 down to the smallest visual detail and partially re-expressed. In 2010, a sequel was released, which took place a few years later and told the story of a returnee to the war with similar success. In contrast, the third non-fiction part of 2016 is lost in brutal excesses of violence against the backdrop of the 1960s and 1970s in the southern United States.

Worth playing because: amazing and deep. Mafia: Definitive Edition raises the bar for contemporary video game remakes.

“Mafia: Definitive Edition”, Hangar 13, 2K Games for Windows, PS4, Xbox One, USK from 18

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Anyone who loves Japanese role-playing games will flick their tongue out as Final Fantasy. No other series is more popular or successful. The bizarre mixture of fantasy and science fiction has been delighting audiences since 1987. Of the fifteen official parts, Part Seven has a special role. In the late ’90s, this was the first sequel to feature 3D computer animation and elaborate scenes to enhance the story.

With about 10 million copies, “Final Fantasy 7” was the most successful game in the series at the time and secured a breakthrough for Japanese role-playing games, or “JRPG” for short, in the West.

Committed to much success. Publisher Square Enix, who saved the series’ success from ruin at the time, and development studio, Division One, turned the original inside out. New graphics, new dialogues, and a new combat system with more action surprised fans and critics alike.

Even the story has changed in a few places. This did not cause enthusiasm among loyal fans everywhere. Despite all the technical sophistication and the courage to start over, the remake has its weaknesses: “Final Fantasy VII Remake” contains only the first third of the original game. There are two more sequels that will tell the story to the end in the next few years.

In consolation for the uncertain waiting time, SquareEnix released “Remake” for “Remake” last year: the “Intergrade” version brings new content and also game improvement for PS5 and Windows PC.

It’s worth playing because: if you don’t mind the publishing policy, you’ll experience one of the most influential role-playing classics in a cool new look.

“Final Fantasy VII Remake”, Section 1, Square Enix for PS4/5, Windows, USK 16+

“The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening”

Simply Indestructible: For more than three decades, the “Zelda” series has been one of the most successful titles from the Japanese console manufacturer Nintendo. One of the most popular spin-offs is The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, which debuted on the Game Boy in 1993.

As always, hero Link must save his world Hyrule from evil. Offer exciting fights from a bird’s eye view of the lazy eye and solve challenging puzzles.

The new version of the development studio classic Grezzo gives a colorful, comic look. Where the world of monochrome games back then was still made up of single images, now the landscape is passing by for players. The widescreen format provides a better overview and the music is newly recorded. Held Link is also more flexible and can now exit in any direction.

With the more accessible express travel function, you can easily move from one place to another. In terms of gameplay, nothing has changed. why? It is so much fun exploring dark caves and temples with Link, searching each bush for gems. If you wish, you can now use the editor to build your own safe to vent power into. All this makes Link’s Awakening a complete, worry-free package for the whole family.

Worth playing because: always good. The remake of “Link’s Awakening” manages to balance a nostalgic old-school look with high-gloss adventure.

“The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening”, Grezzo, Nintendo for Nintendo Switch, USK of 6.

“Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition”

In the early 2000s, real-time strategy games for PC were hugely successful. Apart from the esports game “Starcraft”, the series “Age-of-Empires” has evolved into one of the most successful representatives of the gaming genre with nearly 30 million copies sold.

“AoE” requires a clever hand and clever planning unmatched in any other game. Fans dragged their armies across the world map with the click of a mouse button and developed strategies in battle in a matter of seconds, while at home the economy and research had to flourish.

After the massive success of Age of Empires 2, then-development studio Ensemble had to step up its game. Little has changed in the recipe for success. As in previous predecessors, fans embark on a centuries-old campaign of conquest.

Instead of focusing on Europe and Asia, the plot this time focuses on the colonization of America. From Aztec tribes to Native American tribes to enemy forces in the American War of Liberation, players can try out different strategies in the all-in-one single player mode or against other human opponents.

As with the new releases of its predecessors, the Forgotten Empires development studio gave the classics higher resolution, nicer details, and simplified user instructions. In addition, Ultimate Editions also offers all the extras.

Age of Empires 3 goes further: while the natives were sometimes presented with racist cliches as a sadistic gang of killers, some changes in content now ensure a diverse and cosmopolitan representation of this culture. typical.

It’s worth playing because: With higher resolutions and contemporary content updates, it’s a classic that hasn’t lost any of its complexity and appeal today.

“Age of Empires 3”, Forgotten Empires, Xbox Game Studios for Windows, USK from 12

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