Koenigs-Fosterhausen: Narrow tunnel from Monday

Koenigs and Westerhausen. The railway has already wanted to close the railway tunnel on Storkower Straße for a long time. The fact that this has not happened yet is due to the intervention of the city council. “We asked them to at least wait until after the city festival,” says Mayor Michaela Wisowrick (Independent). But the countdown continues, as from next Monday, the tunnel will be closed forever for at least two years. What does this mean for drivers, pedestrians, and users of public transport? Here are the most important questions – and the answers.

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Read more after the announcement

What are the consequences of the shutdown on car traffic in KW?

There will be many changes. The main ones in the city center: Maxim Gorky Street And the Court Street Turn into one way street. For drivers coming from the Schlossplatz direction, Brückenstrasse is closed. If you want to get to the train station, you first have to pass the town hall via Mühleninsel and Eichenallee. The bridge road Itself divided coming from the direction of Wildau. Only one bus lane will open. Moreover Max Wernerstrasse It becomes a one-way street.

Why were these one-way streets built?

due to the railway closure. From July 8th, there will be no trains in Königs-Fosterhausen. Alternatively, many rail replacement buses roam the city center. In order not to create chaos in front of the station, a one-way regulation that applies to all road users was agreed upon there.

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What is the effect of the shutdown on buses?

A big one – although in reality the buses can’t go through the tunnel. According to RVS spokesperson Lutz Strohschein, buses use the roundabout in front of the tunnel to get around. It will not work in the future, which will spoil the schedule. The one-way street layout also affects the schedule. So buses 728, 729, 730, 732, 735, 736, 737, 790 and N36 will have new routes, new departures, or both. Lines that used to go to the viagerichtstraße train station now take the route via Schlossstraße and Eichenallee. Some terminal stations will also be moved away from the train station because rail replacement buses will also stop there for at least two months. More information will be available from Monday at the latest on the RVS website.

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How will people from Senzig come to Königs Wusterhausen in the future?

Motorists from Senzig and Neue Mühle have to find new routes. The main road is to drive over the Fichtestrasse level crossing, where traffic jams are feared at the barrier. At the intersection of Cottbuser Strasse and Fichtestrasse, a traffic light will regulate traffic, and there may also be traffic jams there.

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Are passenger parking spaces at the train station still usable?

Yes, parking can be used at the roundabout and at the former Jeans Park Center. However, there are likely to be restrictions due to the construction site.

What about the merchants at the train station?

It should still be accessible, albeit via detours. If you come from Senzig, for example, you can switch from Storkower Straße to Kirchsteig. Businesses such as a health food store, Harley-Davidson, a Bredow auto dealership, or a paint shop in Berman can expect a tough time.

Will the pedestrian tunnel remain open?

No, it will also be closed from Monday. Pedestrians wishing to reach the other side of the station must take the tunnel directly into the station. Cyclists wouldn’t have much of a choice either. The elevator at the train station is likely to become a bottleneck.

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What else threatens the residents of Koenigs-Vosterhausen?

If, as promised, the lock bridge in Neue Mühle is closed for a longer period of time, the diversions will be greater. It is also possible that the construction site will be delayed due to the lack of materials or workers currently everywhere.

Why is ban necessary at all?

The Underground Railroad Tunnel is 100 years old and is too low for trucks, buses, and fire brigades. The city has been struggling with renewal for many years. The bridge will now be replaced by a new one while the railways continue to operate. In the future there will also be lanes for cyclists and pedestrians.

by Oliver Fisher

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