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Gorton Theater | June 24, 2022

Strong winds but not a drop of rain until the end of the game. The comedy “flöört.ch – Learn to Flirt in 90 Minutes” by author and director Livia Ann Richard delighted guests of the premiere on local Mount Gorten in Bern last Wednesday and caused lasting laughter. In Cedric Koch’s Courtship Seminar, nothing is as it should be, because the participants have very different personalities and opinions on what it means to flirt between the sexes and beyond today.

Learn to flirt in 90 minutes Ueli (Urs Schnegg, front left) in Cedric Koch’s (Christoph Keeler, top right) track is joking against his will: He just wants to go home.Photographs: Hans Zag Graf

Two pink hearts dominate the Gorten Theater’s Freddy Stettler stage: one serves as a podium, the other is embellished on the unmissable gray concrete wall “flöört.ch”. Cedric Koch (Christoph Keeler) is the gentle coach, or rather a spinner, who welcomes people into the best traditions of Kurt Eschbacher in charming Barnwich. The man is in his mid-thirties dressed as the singer, his socks and T-shirt coordinating with pink symbols of love. Now the failed actor wants to invite a crowd of participants to learn how to flirt (again) in the place where there is usually “theatrical entertainment” in the summer. After all, there is hardly anyone who has not forgotten how to flirt during the two years of the epidemic. The audience is part of the seminar for the next hour and a half.

Participants – inside

When he hears the word participant, the intelligent Cedric is immediately corrected by his assistant Binia (Beatrix Castelotte-Iselin): “participants”. It will happen more often and differently in this high-altitude course, because Koch’s course seems to be from another time and, depending on the mood of its participants, is perceived as conservative from the inside. After all, it is a diverse crew, consisting of nine women and men or – as it turned out later – also representatives of other faiths. And this strange fact creates not only the possibility of conflict, but also for one or another profound change.

Nayla (Natasha Seigenthaler) looks at her courtship coach Cedric Koch (Christoph Keeler): Does courtship have to be conservative?

Nayla (Natasha Seigenthaler) looks at her courtship coach Cedric Koch (Christoph Keeler): Does courtship have to be conservative?

Natasha, mechanic

Cedric enters his seminary in a good mood, “Flirting is never goal oriented,” because it’s ultimately only sex. Then he babbles about something about the man and the woman, the hunter and Bambi, and the first thing that starts to roll their eyes. This is just old school, whispers Cedric, and Naila (Natasha Seigenthaler), who wants to be called a mechanic rather than a mechanic, replies sharply: “Old people especially!” Director Richard, who wrote and rehearsed the play for three months on Gurten, made her first signs: Everything would explode in Cedric’s jubilant face!

I’m Tarzan, you’re Jane

Kristen (Catherine Schnegg) is with her husband Uli (Urs Schnegg), they’ve been a couple for 43 years, but he doesn’t want to talk. All for Kirsten. The love seems to have long since faded, at least in fiction, because the two have been married in real life for over 40 years. Nayla, who doesn’t need the “inside” because her gender comes second, is in free church, and there’s no premarital sex, which puts bloated cock Magnus (Mark Chase) in the first palm of many. Brings. His motto: I’m Tarzan, you’re Jane. His wife Manny (Martin Camensind) is left behind because he’s turned into “Papa Anti-Portas” after he retires, and the talkative retired Eda (Erin Muller-Flac) misses the whistles of tough young Tamara (Tisiana Schneider) to dreaded young Tamara (Tiziana Schneider) the alley men. Cloé (Cornelia Grünig) didn’t say much either, she runs a home for the mentally disabled and turns out to be a bold speaker with a distinct sense of justice even in gender debates.

Ida (Irene Müller-Flück) offers some ideas for getting Mani (Martin Camenzind) on

Ida (Irene Müller-Flück) offers some ideas for getting Mani (Martin Camenzind) on the “trumpet.”

man, woman, miscellaneous

Finally, the bearded and long-haired Nino (Nick Hearn), who previously felt marginalized in choice, brings additional winds to the “unharmonious” round. He immediately corrects: “I was born a girl and I have now hormonally modified my true identity as a man.” Cloé thinks that’s cool, it’s important after all to cover the full range of marginalized groups in the LGBTQ region. Magnus considers the stage with Stärnli to be “Gliir,” and the speech opens immediately. Male, female, transgender, transgender. The confusion is great and Manny (Martin Kammenzend) becomes increasingly insecure. “Yes, is this normal for you?” But not everyone reacts without understanding, and Manny gets a mean appearance. As for Nino, it’s not worth mentioning anyway, when he says, “We don’t need the entire duo guguus, we’re all a unique combination.”

Sensitivities and Characteristics

In her dense plot on the theme of «Flörte», Livia Ann Richard succeeds in an entertaining foray into human sensibilities and idiosyncrasies. The issue of “gender” is discussed but not tried. Instead, theatrical women focus their daily flirting horoscopes, whether it’s on the train, in the fitness club on pedal trainers, or on Migros with their huge shopping carts. Before that, there are Cedric’s hilarious relaxation exercises such as the imaginary hot “Härdöpfu” in the mouth or raised eyebrows indicating interest. In addition, Sweet Boy uses the “parrot” technique to perform a maneuver in which the movement and expression of the other person’s face is supposed to be “reversed”. This creates trust. The flirtatious teacher never tires of scolding: “Ougebraue – Smile.”

Chloe (Cornelia Groening) and Nino (Nick Hearn) show course participants how it works

Chloe (Cornelia Groening) and Nino (Nick Hearn) show course participants how Floret works perfectly.

joke every minute

The author happily leaves the different temperatures or coldness of her heroes collide. The play thrives on exciting different generations and different viewpoints, scoring like an American sitcom with eloquent puns every minute. Richard also manages to keep her anti-heroes lovable despite all their human weaknesses. This is especially true of Magnus, a proud bachelor who seems to compare himself to comic book heroes like Batman, or an introverted Olly, who finds it hard to get a compliment for his wife until he finally calls her “Chlepfschiit.” And when Mani smells “MehDo” which means “MeToo”, he makes one or the other smile widely.

So many actors, so little time

flöört.ch’s weaknesses lie in the shortness and flavour of the piece. Accommodating twelve reps equally in 90 minutes is a difficult task. So Livia Ann Richard focuses on one-on-one situations and humorous dialogues, and the only point in the fall is that in the end the protagonists do mental cleanses and weird confessions. Individual characters, such as assistant Binia or technician Alf (Arno Alf Jost), are hardly made, and Chloe or Nino, who are quite distinct characters, play a (main) role marginally.

Magnus (Marc Schiess) gets no credit for Nayla (Natacha Siegenthaler, left) and Tamara (Tiziana Schneider) with his swollen chest during a fitness workout.

Magnus (Marc Schiess) gets no credit for Nayla (Natacha Siegenthaler, left) and Tamara (Tiziana Schneider) with his swollen chest during a fitness workout.

The refreshing and authentic play “flöört.ch – Flirt Learning in 90 Minutes” to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Gurten Theater is the perfect summer chat in Bernese German for everyone who wants to laugh at life and themselves during lockdowns, nerve wars and mask theater has not passed.

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« flört.ch – Learn to flirt in 90 minutes »

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The premiere of the movie was held

The premiere of “flöört.ch – Learn to Flirt in 90 Minutes” was held on the open-air stage of the Gurten Theater to the delight of all in front of the fully sold out seats and in dry weather.

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