Bochum: Opening of the bathing area in the Ruhr River – what visitors need to know

The bathing area of ​​the river Ruhr in Bochum opens at the beginning of the holidays. Opening times, water temperature, toilets, parking and important information.

Planning has been going on for years, and now it’s finally time: On Friday, June 24, the city wanted to celebrate the start of summer vacation. Bathing area in the Ruhr in Dahlhausen Bochum. Due to the announcement of thunderstorms and rain, visitors have to wait a few more days. The city plans to announce a new opening date next week. However, WAZ answers important questions in advance.

From when to how long is the shower area open?

Between 9am and 9pm, visitors will soon be able to swim daily in an area 200m long and 20m wide, until Thursday, September 15th. However, there can also be exceptions: a traffic light provides information about the current state of the shower. Swimming is allowed only when the light is green, otherwise the water quality is not good enough, and this may be the case, for example, if it has been raining for a long time.

How deep is the water What is the current temperature?

The average water depth is 2.06 meters, says Peter van Dyck, a spokesman for the city of Bochum, upon request. The water temperature in the beach area is currently around 20 degrees.

Is there a savior?

No. The city of Bochum has repeatedly emphasized that bathing in the Ruhr is at your own risk and not under supervision. The signs also indicate this. The German Life Saving Association (DLRG) cannot provide lifeguards. Even if a low-risk site was chosen in cooperation with the DLRG Linden-Dahlhausen, it is a public water body whose risk should not be underestimated.

How about swimming outside of the floats?

There is still no swimming in the Ruhr River. “Bathing in waters available to the public is prohibited outside the areas approved for this purpose,” according to the Bochum Safety Decree. This violation can result in a fine.

How often is the shower area cleaned?

“During the bathing season, the bathing area is cleaned four times a week (Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday),” city spokesperson Van Dyck explains. In addition, there is a daily patrol in the shower area.

Are there toilets

The city of Bochum set up nine mobile latrines in the bathing area on Thursday, one of which is equipped for the disabled. A permanently installed system can also be envisaged for the coming year.

Use of mobile toilets is free. They are checked and cleaned daily three times a week – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

What is the best way to get to the shower area?

There are no express parking spaces for visitors to the bathing area of ​​the Ruhrmühle in Dahlhausen, which is why a longer drive should be planned when arriving by car. Alternatively, you can travel by public transportation. At the main station, for example, visitors can take tram 318 in the direction of Dahlhausen and ride to the station. In addition, the S-Bahn line S 3, which runs between Hattingen and Oberhausen Hauptbahnhof, stops at Dahlhausen station. Bicycle access is also an option.

Can I have a barbecue on the lawn in front of the shower area?

A barbecue is allowed in the bathing area on the River Ruhr, city spokesman Peter Van Dyck confirms. However, the following rules apply, among others: An existing grill should be used with a distance of at least 40 cm between the grass and the coals. Green spaces should not be damaged, and other visitors should not be disturbed by smoke, fly ash, or odors. The distance to houses should be at least 50 meters and 20 meters to trees and shrubs. Waste must be disposed of or removed.

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