Top speakers in the ‘ZVW Knowledge’ lecture series: Tickets can be booked at half price – Rems-Murr-Kreis

Six evenings of lectures on topics presented to the public – the knowledge of ZVW. Featured speakers speak on topics that enhance personal development and help position yourself successfully for the future – in these entertaining 90-minute knowledge evenings. If you order a ticket on Friday, June 24, you can secure a half-price ticket with the “Mittsommer” rate feature code. The first event of the lecture series was held in May. Tickets are still available for five other lecture evenings.

On June 29, Sabine Hubner will speak on “The Power of Empathy.” Entrepreneur and service expert explains why empathy for kindness has such an amazing effect. Even in difficult situations, this combination can be used to reach people, have a positive impact, and thus find the right solutions, says the expert on service quality and culture. This improves teamwork between colleagues and dealing with clients. Sabine Huebner has already received several awards as a speaker.

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