Netflix to Sky – Live Stream 1st Week of August

Starting July 30, there will be a new “grand tour” special on Amazon Prime Video. Photo: IMAGO / Everett Collection

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Sophia Sirman

New month, new series and movie highlights! So you can also enjoy a little cool summer evenings on the sofa. To make it easier for you to choose your live stream, we’ve picked the hottest new releases and the best classics for the week from July 30 to August 6.

Whether it’s documentaries, comedies, mystery thrillers or anything in between: in the Watson Super Series Guide, you’ll find the series and movies just right for you!



New to Netflix, you can watch the documentary “Shiny Flakes – On the Offenders trail” starting August 3. It’s about the criminal case that inspired the Netflix fantasy series “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)”. And the real story is almost more incredible than the series: the teenager Maximilian S. sells drugs from his children’s room in Leipzig to German-speaking countries, but also abroad. He is said to have earned around four million euros and when he was arrested there were nearly 300 kilograms of various drugs in his room – neatly arranged on wall shelves. In the documentary, he himself, as well as the police and judiciary have their say.


Starting August 4th, you can enjoy a new reality show on Netflix: “Cooking with Paris.” That’s exactly what it’s about: Paris Hilton’s chefs. In the six-part show, you try new ingredients and recipes with distinguished guests. If you want to get a little impression of Paris Hilton’s cooking skills beforehand: In January 2020, she uploaded a video on her YouTube channel where she prepared lasagna in a very entertaining way. in good health!

Watson author Sophia has picked new series and movies for streaming services for you.

Watson author Sophia has picked new series and movies for streaming services for you. Photo: de Matte

video head


A new special starring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May will be available on Amazon Prime Video starting July 30: “The Grand Tour: Lochdown.” In it, the three British automotive specialists embark on a road trip into the Scottish wilderness. The special was filmed in 2020 during the pandemic, so there were no interviews with celebrities, and no tent or studio with an audience. Instead, all three focus more on the things that really matter: the gritty, questionable action and the hilarious road trip.

a crime

You can watch the teen mystery series “Cruel Summer” on Amazon Prime Video starting in August. The series takes place in the fictional town of Skilin, Texas in the years 1993, 1994 and 1995. It tells the story of two young girls, on the one hand, the story of the beautiful and famous Kate, who one day disappears without a trace. On the other hand, the story of Janet, who was initially shy on the outside, but after Kate’s disappearance, took her place in the circle of friends and suddenly became famous. But there is a “problem”: a year later, Kate reappears – alive – and has serious allegations against Janet.


black comedy

You can watch the German series “Me and the Others” on Sky as a brand new one. In it, Tom Shellig plays Tristan, who suddenly seems to wake up every day in a changing reality. It’s always a reaction to what he previously wished for and with time he thinks more of others and less of himself – isn’t he? The presenter of “Me and the Others” is David Schalko, who has already created the very funny and ridiculous Austrian series “Braunschlag” and “Altes Geld”. Among others, there will be Lars Edinger, Katharina Schuettler, and Maffei Horbiger.

Disney +



It’s really nostalgic at Disney+: The streaming service includes the legendary children’s series “Captain Balu and his daredevil crew” in the show. If you remember for the first time 20 years later that the series existed, this is what it’s all about: some of the characters from “The Jungle Book”, including Balu, of course, are pilots on a tropical island. The series also contains numerous references to classic films from the 1940s, such as “Casablanca”. The perfect series for a lazy Sunday on the couch.



Now on MagentaTV you can watch the mini-series “Houdini” with Adrien Brody, the most famous magician of all time. The series shows the eventful life of Harry Houdini, who was born Eric Wise in Budapest at the end of the 19th century. His family later moved to the United States with him, where he gained a reputation as a con artist and escapee. Because of his skills, he was even recruited to spy on the German Empire on the side of England during the First World War. But even on stage, his tricks became even more daring …

movie of the week

From August 2, you can watch the fraud comedy “The Good Liar” with Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren on Netflix. That’s what it’s about: professional scammer Roy gets to know wealthy widow Betty on the Internet. He wants to convince her to invest a lot of money in a supposedly safe facility and thus steal from her. However, the more time the two of them spend together, the more attracted to Betty Roy becomes. When she finally wanted to take a trip to Germany with him, he seemed to make him feel very nervous. What is behind it? An exciting movie with two great actors, which develops quite differently than one would initially expect.

Shortly after Steffen Hallaschka appeared on RTL’s “Viva la Diva” this week and turned into a drag queen, he pulled out of “Stern TV.” However, the replacement has already been arranged.

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