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ING-Diba wants to make changes to online banking in time. These security measures include logging in and making a TAN edit.

Germany – When choosing the TAN procedure for Internet banking, customers of private banks, cooperative banks or public credit institutions often have several options to choose from: depending on the bank, there is iTan, mTan, eTan, pushTan, chipTan or photoTan . But as RUHR24 reports, some banks are making major changes to online banking – a clearly recognizable trend.

ING-DiBa Direct bank and full branch of the Dutch company ING Groep
headquarters Frankfurt am Main
foundation 1965

Online banking: smsTAN procedure has been canceled in many places

The decision to cancel the SMS service, also known as the mobileTAN (mTAN) procedure, is no surprise. Already at the beginning of the year, the savings banks and Volksbank Raiffeisenbank announced their desire to end the smsTAN procedure in the middle of the year.

The decision can be explained by security concerns about common scams and cost reasons. according to Consumer Center Mobile phones may eventually be stolen or SMS text messages may be intercepted by criminals. Therefore the Federal Bureau of Security and Information Technology (BSI) advises against making this release (further service on RUHR24).

Online banking: SMS is unsafe and too expensive

In addition to the home page for comparison Free comparison of current accounts It states that the smsTAN procedure is “only partially compliant with the new EU Security Guidelines for Internet Banking”. In addition, this TAN procedure is relatively expensive and not particularly profitable for banks.

Now ING-DiBa is also making drastic changes for about 9.1 million customers in the process of online banking. After canceling the negative interest of many customers, the iTAN and smsTAN actions have been cancelled, in full swing since April.

Online banking: ING DiBa submits a banking application or photoTAN program for approval

Direct Bank recommends its customers to use the ING banking app “Banking to go”, which has now been updated again. Depending on the company, it can be used for the entire banking business on one hand or “for approval only” on the other.

In this case, banking transactions can also be carried out exclusively from the PC, as usual. Alternatively, customers can of course continue to use the photoTAN generator.

Online banking: ING DiBa introduces new two-factor authentication

Departure from the smsTAN procedure is not an isolated case. annoying Caschy . Blogmanaged by an electronics engineer for IT systems, is another change for ING customers.

When logging into their online banking, customers will have to go through two-factor authentication in the future, which has been required by the European Union for some time. ING had previously used a so-called DiBa key for this purpose, which according to the bank is “now heading into well-deserved retirement”.

Online banking: DiBa key is a thing of the past

In addition to the access number and online banking PIN, login must now be confirmed using one of two approval processes: either with the “Banking to-go” app or with the little white photo maker.

What specifically changes for the individual customer depends out loud Caschy . Blog Regarding the approval process and whether the customer has a checking account or not. Customers can find more information on the ING homepage.

The Bank is making changes to the Online Banking Services. © Westend61 / Imago; B. Leitner/blickwinkel/McPHOTO/Imago; Collage: Sabrina Wagner / RUHR24

Internet Banking: Stored mobile phone number expands security system

If customers are using the photoTAN generator or online banking app and already have a checking account, almost nothing will change in online banking. For security operations, ING then only needs the mobile phone number, which is automatically dialed at login. By storing the mobile number, the said DiBa key is also deleted.

If there are problems with Internet banking, then in the future customers can request a one-time password, which ING will send via SMS, message or e-mail. If customers still using the smsTAN procedure don’t know what other editing procedures are or are looking for advice, they can find out more on the BSI homepage.

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