Grimme 2022: Award Winners

A total of 16 Grimme Awards will be awarded this year, including two productions featuring actor Bjarne Mädel. He won two film awards, “Delivered” and “Sörensen Afraid”. Another prize in the fantasy competition is “Polizeiruf 110: Sabine” with Charly Hübner and Anneke Kim Sarnau. In addition, with “The Ibiza Affair” (Sky) and “Tina Mobil” (RBB), two versions of the series will receive the Grimme Award in Fiction this year.

In the field of entertainment, the Grimme jury honors RBB’s talk show “Chez Krömer,” which has already won an award in the past. This time around, the episode was openly acknowledged with Torsten Sträter as a guest, with both talking about their dealings with depression. WDR’s “Friday Night Jews” with Daniel Donskoy can also look forward to the Grimme Award. There is also a prize for the ProSieben program “Who is stealing the show from me?”.

“ZDF Magazin Royale” will be blank this year, as will the XXL report “Not an order of course,” which ProSieben has filtered the program for hours last year. Corona and Daycare are still on the price list, because the documentation for “Charitéensive: Station 43” is one of the prize winners in the Information and Culture competition. The Schwarz-Adler documentary on racism in football also won an award. This year, ZDF reporter Catherine Eggendorf received a Special Journalistic Achievement Award for “excellent reporting on the situation of women and girls in Afghanistan,” according to the Grimme jury.

The Marler Group Audience Award is given to “The Mopes” (UFA Fiction for Warner TV Comedy), which airs on Warner TV Comedy and focuses, like “Chez Krömer”, on depression. In their justification, the Marler Group said: “Depression needs acceptance! Acceptance of those who are afflicted by it and acceptance in society.” The Student Jury Prize goes to the family portrait “Ona Primavera”, which depicts domestic violence and its effects showing the family in a very personal way.

“In light of far-reaching processes of social and global change, traumatic crises and the increasing digitization of audiences, the demand for quality television programming is growing,” says Grimme Director Frauke Gerlach. “In this respect, the award-winning products in the Children, Youth and Entertainment categories are particularly compelling this time around. They inform, direct and entertain with objectivity, appreciation, empathy and also masterful humor.” Moreover: “This award year, award-winning reports and documentaries in the Information and Culture category as well as multi-layered material and narrative styles in the Fiction category are of high quality, and the trend is on the rise.”

By the way, Anke Engelke was also honored – with special honors from the German Association for Adult Education (DVV). “Engelke’s parodies show where we lack enlightenment or where a change of perspective would benefit us,” says DVV President Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. “Anyone who recognizes his gaps with a smile and sets out to fill them acts in the spirit of adult education centres.” Prize winners will receive their prizes on August 26 at the Marl City Theatre. Joe Shock is leading the concert which will air later in the evening on Sat 3rd.

Price decisions at a glance

fantasy contest

Stephen Holtz (book)
Florian Iwersen (book)
Christoph, Cher (Director)
Nils Landmark (Editing)
Jan Rochke (Association)
Nicholas Ovcharik (performer, deputy for the band)

for “Ibiza Affair” (W & B Television / Epo-Film for Sky Germany)”

Jan Wiese (Screenplay/Director)
Bjarne Middel (Photograph)

for “Delivered” (TV60 movie production for BR/Arte)

Florian Euler (book)
Stefan Schaller (Director)
Louise Heyer (photo)
Charlie Hubner (photo)
Aniki Kim Sarnau (Photograph)

for “Call Police 110: Sabine” (NDR’s Filmpool novel)

Bjarne Madel (Director / Acting)
Sven Straker (book)
Christian Lechner (Image Design)
Catherine Weishman (photo)

for ‘Sorensen is scared’ (Clausen + Putz films production for NDR)

Lily Stiller (book)
Richard Hooper (Director)
Gabriella Maria Schmid (Photography, deputy for the band)

for “Tina Mobile” (X Films Creative Pool for RBB)

Information about the competition and culture

Karl Gerstorfer (Text Design / Orientation / Image)
Marek Muller (book)
Ronald Rest (Editor)
Antje Boehmert (Production)
Yutt Butler (Editor)

for Charitéensive: Ward 43 (Docdays productions for RBB)

Marcin Wierzchowksi (text / direction / image design)

for Hanau – one night and its consequences (the master)

Carmen Luzman (Screenplay/Director)
Dirk Lothair (Image Design)

for “Economie” (Petrolio film for ZDF/3sat)

Torsten Corner (text / direction)

for “Black Eagles” (Broadview images for Amazon Prime Video/ZDF)

Special press achievement

Catherine Eggendorf

for Her empathetic and courageous reporting on the situation of women and girls in Afghanistan (ZDF)

competition entertainment

Kurt Cromer
Torsten Stratter

for “Chez Krömer, Guest: Torsten Sträter” ( for RBB)

Daniel Donskoy (moderation / book)
Remigius Roskosch (Screenplay/Director)
Martin Danish (Producer)
David Hadda (Producer)

for Friday Night Jews (Turbo Culture for WDR)

Goku Winterscheidt (idea/moderation)
Jacob Lundt (lead author)
Julia Minert (Executive Producer)
Thomas Schmidt (Creative Director)
Kristen Schneider (Producer)

for “Who’s stealing the show?” (Florida TV for ProSieben)

Children and Youth Competition

Neil Dhnenkamp (script/direction)

for “Seahorse” (Film Academy Baden-Württemberg for MDR)

Raphael Gregoch (moderation/book)
Robert Hicklow (moderation/book)
Marilyn Chittenhelm (Equinox/Book)
Kim Stubert (moderation/book)

for “open and honest” (real / radio)


Petra Popert and Kristen Rotten

To visualize and realize the documentary series “On the limit?! Now we’re talking!”. (the master)

Marl Group Competition

Audience Award from Marler Group

Epic Zubert (book)
Christian Zuber (Director)
Nora Cherner (photo)

for “fools” (UFA Fiction for Warner TV Comedy)

Student Jury Competition

Valentina Primavera (book)

for “Ona Primavera” (Produced by Johannes Schubert)

A special honor from the German Association for Adult Education

for Anke Englk

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