Goodbye to Netflix & Co: What your media library might look like these days

His thumb moves anxiously over the remote control panel. Thumbnails for movies and series fly over the smoothly moving surface of the Smart TV. Today Neflix? No. Could Marvel have put together superhero stories on Disney+? What is the name of the series a year ago on Amazon Prime that was supposed to have a third season? Have you ever seen the second season?

Man was not created for abundance. At least more content available doesn’t automatically mean more satisfaction. exactly the contrary. Everything seems to have been easier when videos were still scarce. Every DVD rental blockbuster became a real treat and you eagerly waited for the next episode of your favorite series to air.

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Video streaming services drained the quagmire of pirated content by offering a legal bid at a fair price. But in the meantime, more and more customers are on the move relentlessly in the increased media exposure. Even worse, there are now so many streaming services competing for viewers that you need at least three subscriptions to watch all the highlights. To make matters worse, new releases are increasingly being released in segments, with one episode per week, in order to limit customer reactions to cancellations.

A certain stress spreads during the flow. Self-made suffering, one might think. Since there are definitely alternatives to Netflix & Co. And instead of three streaming services you might need – none at all. Whether it’s optical data carriers, linear TV or common-law media libraries: all of these sources are still available – and filled with amazing video treasures. All you have to do is collect them and enter them into your media library.

This kills two birds with one stone: video content is more valuable and consumed with more interest because you find and edit it yourself. And you can save more euros. You have nothing to lose, because most streaming services can be canceled on a monthly basis.

Life without Netflix & Co. is like. Like going back. However, if you subscribe, you will find that many of the old ways of finding exciting video content not only work, but also become more attractive due to better hardware, faster internet, and cheaper prices for hard drive storage.

We provide an overview of the resources you can take advantage of to create your own media collection. Current DVB-S2 receivers with Linux, for example, stream high-quality concerts, movies or documentaries in the best HD quality in archives on demand. The media libraries of public broadcasters are also full of explosion. If you want to create your own media library, you should definitely know the legal tension between copyright and private copying.

It’s also worth taking a look at the silver DVD and Blu-ray discs that are thought to have been forgotten: classic movies in particular are delayed with streaming providers or sold as VoD material at appalling prices and of questionable quality. The Immenhof Girls are coming to TV only as pixelated mush through Amazon’s Kixi Kids subscription and even in the €12 buy version in HD they still look shoddy. All five films in the series cost only 10 euros on Blu-ray.

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We advise you to choose hardware and software for your own set of media – whether it is on the TV in the living room or on the tablet in the garden. Whether you’re storing your treasures on a USB hard drive, on a NAS, or in a TV receiver, it’s sure to have an impact on availability in your four walls. In the end, you have to choose the right player to bring your media collection to your smart TV or projector. Here, too, the article provides an overview of popular devices from an HDMI stick to media players with built-in hard drives.

A few months without a video stream? It is worth trying. The joy of searching, collecting, sorting, a more conscious choice of content and finally the pleasure of accessing a self-organizing media library makes the sacrifice a profit.


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At c’t 14/2022, we walk you through the dangers and features of the dark web and show you how to properly use access via the Tor Browser. We’ll also show you how you can set up your own media library, without Netflix, Amazon & Co..


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