10 to 9:10 Important facts: Here’s what you need to know in the stock market on Thursday | newsletter

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1. The DAX is expected to be a little weaker

subordinate Dax Should start again with losses on Thursday. In pre-market indices, the stock market gauge was down 0.18 percent at 13,120 points.

2. Stock markets in the Far East are increasing

Stock exchanges in the Far East showed gains on Thursday. The Japanese Leading Index is displayed in Tokyo Nikki At about 7:50 a.m. our time is 0.25 percent stronger at 26,214 points. In mainland China go to Shanghai boat At the same time, an increase of 1.3 percent to 3,310 units. subordinate Hang Seng Meanwhile, Hong Kong shows an increase of 1.92 percent at 21,411 points.

3. Tesla plants in Austin and Grunheide seem to be burning billions

According to the CEO, Tesla’s new car plants in Grünheide near Berlin and in Austin, Texas are losing Elon Musk Currently “billions of dollars”. Musk described the factories as “big money incinerators” in a video interview published Wednesday. to the message

4. Microsoft warns Ukraine allies of Russian hackers

According to Microsoft, Russian hackers are attacking Ukraine’s western allies on a large scale. The software company warned Thursday night that it is specifically targeting government computers in NATO countries. to the message

5. The negotiations on the Russian grain blockade are moving

Negotiations to break the Russian grain blockade in Ukraine appear to be making progress. The UN Security Council circles have confirmed to dpa that the parties to the conflict may meet with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in Turkey – possibly as early as next week. to the message

6. Anthony Hopkins searches for NFTs

Academy Award winning actor Anthony Hopkins is looking for NFTs. For this he asks for help from other American celebrities who are already known as NFT fans. to the message

7. EU candidate Ukraine: the Brussels summit before a historic decision

At a summit meeting in Brussels on Thursday, the European Union will decide whether Ukraine, which has been attacked by Russia, will have the status of a candidate to join the European Union. Prior to consultations with Chancellor Olaf Schulz (SPD) and his colleagues, there was broad support for the corresponding recommendation from the European Union Commission. However, the decision must be taken unanimously by all 27 states. To the letter

8. Apple analyst known for information on the new iPad Pro: Apple fans can expect it

Speculation has been building for some time that the tech company Apple is working on a new iPad Pro. An analyst fed the rumor mill again. to the message

9. Falling oil prices

The oil prices They introduce themselves Thursday morning with diminishing quotes. At around 7:30 AM ET, the West Texas Intermediate crude futures contract was down $1.80 to $104.39, while its Brent counterpart was down $1.70 to $106.95.

10. The Euro settled above $1.05

subordinate euro It was trading flat above the $1.05 level on Thursday morning. At the beginning of trading, the single European currency was trading at $1.0565, the same price as it was late last night. The European Central Bank set the reference rate for the euro at $1.0521 on Wednesday afternoon.

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