Sophie Bassmann: “Why the hell would anyone want to see the real me?”

Profile personly: Aside from #MeToo, the internet hasn’t done much for feminism: the number of femicides is on the rise and there is hardly any movement into gender injustice.
passage: Analog can not be resolved into digital. It is not the forums on the Internet that are to blame for the murder of women, but the murderers of women. Don’t make the mistake of assigning feminism the overriding task of changing the system, and then using any method you don’t like as evidence of feminism’s failure. There are also methods that are hotly debated among feminists, and I know this all too well, because I follow an approach that is highly criticized by various academic colleagues: I believe in penetrating popular culture, at the low threshold of feminism, only that is how it becomes broadly contagious. In the digital world, no laws are changed, but you can offer alternative ideas to people there, for example using humor as a medium. However, online feminism will not fight actual structural problems; Women who do the hard work with coils will do. They do not sell books and rarely have Twitter accounts. Our job must be to support these women in their work.

Profile personly: We are in a stage where feminist consciousness is being established, and new boundaries and rules are set. First of all, this leads to an intensification of hatred, because power is simply not delivered after thousands of years of patriarchy.
passage: One has to think of the ways in which one wants to abolish patriarchy. This sounds like a torch’s march through downtown, but it’s a very slow and basically boring process on many fronts. There is a hatred of angry men who anonymously comment on feminist posts. Makes women afraid to speak at all. I can understand that, and I also worry about myself and my family from time to time. If you want to understand how spaces change, you have to talk about how elites negotiate with each other. Responsibility for discourse, especially in feminism, is spread over the shoulders too few and too common. Rather than talking about the same, for example with a scientist or someone who has authored a non-fiction book on the subject, there is an insatiable desire in the media to interview again a “shameless” feminist in such a way that they end up saying, of course, that Sex must be a sexual will. Then you put “Of course it has to be gendered!” In the headline, and then you can watch for four days how angry everyone who doesn’t think it right gets angry. It is not productive in the long run. We will not get past this.

Profile personly: Instead, a new counter-antagonism has been created: in “Old White Men – An Attempt to Reconcile” you circumvent the boring term in a contrasting fashion. It is very mysterious. No one would think of calling Alexander Kluge or Neil Young “older white men” because the term doesn’t mean age and complexion so much as intolerance, chauvinism, elitism, and privilege.
passage: definitely. Above all, the concept of elites is crucial here. I think the ‘old white man’ always comes up with a dimension of strength. No one would say that the 65-year-old construction worker whistling at me was an old white man. Because it relates to power and capital accumulation, the worker, on the other hand, is the loser in the system. There are no old white men except in the elite. When I look at press photos of Junge Union meetings, I see more white men than there are in the Greens, with men over 70 sitting in the front row.

Profile personly: The young feminist now seems a far cry from the dogmatism of Alice Schwarzer, for example. You no longer have to turn down pornography, sex work, and headscarves without reservation, do you?
passage: The finding that Alice Schwarzer represents an entire generation of feminists is incorrect. In the 1970s and 1980s, they represented a diverse group from large sections of the feminist base. Schwarzer’s feminism has always been somewhat conservative, while the Green Party and left-wing politicians in the Bonn Republic attached no importance to being considered nice or likable by men. Of course, young black feminists today are often very critical of black people, but there is great respect and solidarity with other feminist figures of the 20th century. I also find young and old to be a rather unpleasant category here.

Profile personly: They are active between entertainment, interference and politics. Do you consider yourself a fighter and a social activist?
passage: number

Profile personly: Why not? You move a lot.
passage: What’s Next? I might be impressed, but that’s not an activity for me. I take this word very seriously because it is important for moving forward in bottom-up movements. Ultimately, activists want structural change.

Profile personly: This is what you want too.
passage: Yes, but my work is not primarily aimed at that. I have a political education and an opinion that I would like to express. Because I think it is right to support certain ideas. But I am an artist who sometimes gets confused in public, overwhelmed by the idea that young women can be more politically savvy and interested in more than one would desire or expect.

Profile personly: I have been a member of SPD for a long time.
passage: This is correct.

Profile personly: How are you with that? Are you a fan of Scholz?
passage: Ha!

Profile personly: For his part, he has been a huge fan of Schroeder for a long time. Also a difficult position.
passage: I joined the Social Democratic Party because I think the concept of social democracy is wonderful: the idea of ​​solidarity, the history of the anti-fascist party. In addition, I have a big problem with the various camps, gangs, and dominant men of Lower Saxony, with how positions in the SPD are assigned – and how this party is unfortunately incapable of rapid change. If I had known when I accepted party membership that I would eventually be in the public eye and would have to explain why I was in the SPD every second interview, I might have made a different decision. I stand behind the leadership of the SPD with a vague sense. At the same time, I stand united behind the idea of ​​social democracy in all the things I have fought for. At this point, my compliments to the minimum wage of €12 in Germany and Austria.

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