Online banking: ING adjusts registration and approval procedures

People are less and less likely to go to a bank branch. Online banking has greatly simplified financial management and account management and can be done easily from your home computer or smartphone. Data security plays an important role here. Many of the measures used to protect online access to bank accounts are now considered outdated. ING Direct Bank is now also reacting to this circumstance and putting its online banking standards into shape.

As the financial institution recently announced, it is making substantial changes to its registration and approval procedures. Accordingly, in the future it will only be possible to log into Internet banking using two-factor authentication. The use of the previously used DiBa key has been completely eliminated. Instead, the additional validation is performed by the editing procedure used by the respective user. This, in turn, boils down to two options for ING.

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mTAN and iTAN are history

In order to issue orders such as transfers or purchase of securities, you can use the ING “Banking to go” smartphone application or the ING photoTAN generator. This is a small device that you can buy from the bank to scan special codes on the screen. A method aimed primarily at those who do not have a smartphone. These procedures for the ING current account have been used for a long time. If you use one, nothing will change for you. On the other hand, anyone who still checks their bank transactions using mTANs sent via SMS or even a printed iTAN list should make the change now.

Sending so-called one-time passwords is also new. These are only valid for a limited time and limited to one promotional offer. They should be used in the future for security operations, such as when you change smartphones and you have to set up “banking to go” on the new cell phone without accessing the old one. Depending on the situation, ING sends these six-digit disposable codes by SMS, e-mail or postal mail. Therefore, the bank will immediately ask you to update and confirm your personal data when logging in. This also applies to current account holders.

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