I was born for this - more than just football
© NDR / Warner Bros./Björn Tanneberger

From July 6th it will be in ARD . media library three pieces Documentary about the German women’s national football team Give to see. under the title “I was born for this – more than just football” ARD pledges to “get insight into the inner workings” – also off the field, in the locker room or with the family. For more than a year, the team has been from Warner Brothers International The German national team accompanied the project. A. said.RD Sports Coordinator Axel Balkowski. “This creates an opportunity to develop affinity and connection with the team and thus also with the sport. This year, with the extensive broadcast of the UEFA Women’s European Championship 2022, the sports show will also be the home of women’s football, thus taking important steps towards making the sport visible.” By the way, the first episode of “Born for this” will be broadcast on July 12 at 11:15 pm after the European Championship preliminary round match between Germany and Spain.

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Netflix Meanwhile it seems allocate England national football team wives Reality series. The streaming service appears to be in early talks with production company All3Media optics. The series is being filmed in the winter during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The British daily The Sun was the first to report such plans. Accordingly, Optomen has reached out to several partners of English football stars in the hope of being able to accompany them in coordination. Netflix has not officially commented on this yet.

A red card instead of a rainbow

RTL Will be showing a report as part of Diversity Week on the night of June 23 at 0:20 a.m. Qatar gay Speaking publicly about their situation on TV for the first time. “We have an existential fear of punishment and death because what we have been taught in our youth is that being gay is a perversion and not something normal,” one Al-Katari told reporters about the systematic discrimination against gays in his home country. the report “The red card instead of the rainbow – gays in Qatar” It will also be featured on RTL+ and excerpts from RTL and ntv magazines and magazines. There will also be a repeat on June 23 at 3:30pm on ntv. Timo Latsch, Vice President of Sports at RTL Newsdraws personal conclusions from the research: “For me, football is above all for fun, fairness and diversity: the system in Qatar does not. That is why, as a member of the LGBTIQ+ family, I do not want to support the FIFA World Cup and it will be the first time Since 2006 Not as a sports reporter on the site to cover football.

German FA Cup

The new season starts at the end of July German FA Cup – For the first time in many years this will also be the case ZDF Get back on the ball. On Friday, July 29, Radio Mainz will broadcast the match between 1860 Munich and Borussia Dortmund. There are also two other first-round games that will be shown on Free TV: This is how it will be on August 1 at first the game between Second Division Club 1. FC Magdeburg and European League winner Eintracht Frankfurt To see, on August 31 the match between Victoria Cologne and Bayern Munich. If you want to watch all the cup matches, you can still do it at sky an act.

© Dazen

dazn I have got Big3 Basketball League Global Rights Believer. After the end of the NBA Finals, the season has already started with the first games last weekend, while the finals will be held in the Bahamas on September 3 and 4. The professional league was founded in 2017 by the American musician ice Cube and media entrepreneur Jeff Kwatinetz It was founded and consists of twelve teams. The champion will play in a total of eleven weeks, and as is usual in American sports, there are also playoffs. The mode of the game, as the name suggests, is 3 against 3. There are also other rules that differ from the rules of international basketball. As part of the agreement, DAZN will not only broadcast all games live, but will also broadcast its own content with the Big3 league. Look behind the scenes to produce.

Sports by numbers

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The MotoGP she has ServusTV Sunday brought impressive prospects. Starting at 2:00 pm, the live broadcast attracted an average of viewers 360 thousand fans to the station, so that the market share of the total audience was 3.1 percent and thus well above the average station. It went well with people between the ages of 14 and 49 3.2 percent a little better. Previously they could Moto3 and Moto2 over 200,000 spectators each The lure of ServusTV. Here, market shares of the target group were also in the green at 1.9 and 1.0 percent. By the way, it was stronger later ProSieben Maxx to ElevenFootball match recorded in the first quarter It boasts a market share of 5.6 percent Between 14 to 49 years old. A total of 250,000 fans attended. However, reach declined somewhat during the afternoon, so that in the end there were still 170,000 viewers and a 2.9 percent market share in the target group.

Formula 1
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Moreover Formula 1 She did her laps again on the weekend – due to the time difference with Canada, the race in this country can only be seen in the evening. Despite the stiff competition, he ran sky really good: 840,000 spectators They are tuned in from 8:00 pm, including half a million target group. In this way, it made live broadcasting on pay TV among the top 10 most watched shows of the day between 14-49 years old. The market share here was convincing 7.8%. This was already the case on Saturday evening habilitation With an average of 260,000 fans and a market share of 4.3 percent in the target group receipt.

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