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Press release on 06/20/2022

Lenya Getz, Emilia Scurry and Christina Keeler win the Knowledge Award! A 22-wheel gymnast from DJK Wissen-Selbach competed in this year’s District Championships in Wissen. Nearly 70 gymnasts started, including from Remagen, Polch, Betzdorf, and Lahnstein.

Angelina Muller (left) and Marie Muller of DJK Wissen-Selbach. (Photo: DJK)

knowledge. Three DJK Wissen-Selbach podiums stood among the youngest gymnasts in the seven- to eight-year age group. Linnea Getz won the gold, ahead of Jocelyn Sokau. Livina Benor was happy with the bronze medal in her first competition. In the age group of 9-10 years, 13 gymnasts started. Tia Koch climbed to the podium and took the bronze.

From the eleventh to the twelfth age group, the age groups are divided into “A” and “B”. Gymnasts who start in Category A want to qualify for the German Cup this year. After the Rhineland-Palatinate Championships held in April, the provincial championships were the second of three qualifying tournaments. Class B gymnasts perform gymnastics without qualification and in only one discipline, upright gymnastics.

In the 11-12 age group, Category B, three DJK Wissen-Selbach players stood on the podium. Emilia Scurry was able to prove herself against her twelve competitors, winning ahead of her fellow clubmates Lena Schmidt and Svia Binor. In age group B for children aged 13-16, Marie-Emilia Muller podiumed and finished second.

Charlotte Richter did a fencing performance in the age group of 13-14a, consisting of upright gymnastics and jumping, and after a successful competition she was able to celebrate the silver medal.

In the 15-16K age group, Christina Keeler won the gymnastics straight by just 0.15 points over Soraya Quast. Soraya won the overtime competition in helical gymnastics and Christina relegated to second place, and in the vaulting competition, Christina showed off a bending somersault off the wheel and was happy with the first place. Soraya took the bronze in the vault. Having already dominated the 15-16 age group at the Rhineland-Palatinate in April, Soraya and Christina both have very good chances of qualifying for the German Cup again this year. Last year 2021 Soraya became the vice-champion of Germany in the German Cup in Wolfsburg. The third qualifying competition will be held on July 9 in Laenstein. (evening)

Other positions:
AK 7-8: 5. Sophia Revenrath
AK 9-10: 4 Vanessa Wolff, 5 Mia Isabel Brooks, 7 Jana Schneider, 8 Ronja Schmitz
AK 11-12 B: 5. Kim Velten, 7. Sophie Neuhoff, 8. Melissa Petrie
AK 13-16 B: 4. Angelina Muller, 8. Vivian Beynur
AK 15-16 A: 4. Chiara Stosberg

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