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Finn Kleiman raises his hand against the media and “Wake up, scene left.”
Angry announcement: Businessman and influencer Finn Kleiman posts a rant on Instagram that ignores, among other things, “a vigilant left-wing scene,” the editorial staff of “ZDF Magazin Royale” and “journalists have gone crazy.” The media don’t care what the situation is about the mask issue: “Anger in itself is fun enough.” Finally, Kliemann points to a YouTube video that aims to prove that his Kliemannsland creative project is more than Kliemann himself. Reaction to Kliemann rant on Twitter is negative: ‘Spiegel’ editor Anton Rayner NotesThe regret did not last long.
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“Viewers want to escape to other worlds” – Ralf Hape on Sky For screens large and small.
Broad Scope: “From a marketing perspective, we have something to counteract crises with sports,” he says Ralph Heep In a video interview by “Horizont” and turi2.tv. Sky Media’s managing director explains the change from a pure sports broadcaster to a “diverse” provider of feature films, live sports and series. The sport has proven in the past two years: “It’s a fulcrum that offers a little bit of safety in every crisis,” says Hebb. However, the audience yearns for change and wants to “escape to other worlds.” In the upcoming TV season, he’s announcing news in fiction and more documentaries.
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turi2 edition #18: Why are Germans so obsessed with money, Nils Minkmar?
After us came the influx of money: With the end of World War II, came the longing to settle in Germany — and with it money, notes author and historian Nils Minkmar. Today, banknotes are “completely symbolically overburdened,” he wrote in a guest article in turi2 issue No. 18. But he has an antidote. Read more on turi2.de and turi2.de (pre-order a free e-paper)

Today’s number: only the round 70 The reports were received within three months on the new reporting portal hassanzeige.de of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Göttingen. So most reports will continue to be filed at the police station or via the police station online, says the prosecutor Frank Michael Lau d b a.

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DW Global Media Forum: Today begins! At 10 a.m., Nobel Peace Prize laureate Maria Ressa will open the conference with her keynote address What are you willing to sacrifice for the truth? Two full days in Bonn and live broadcast about the opportunities that the press can take advantage of from the current crises. Secure your ticket online now and be there!

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Bavarian infusion: Anonymous whistleblowers are publishing classified official documents at the 2015 G7 summit on a far-left internet portal, BR and dpa reports. These include the cell phone numbers of police officers. Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Hermann The leak is assumed to be “not critical” for upcoming use at the G7 summit at Schloss Elmau.
br.de, n-tv.de

growth: Journalist and writer Judith Luig Zeit Online is leaving and will strengthen the 011 Letters and Texts Department at the Federal Chancellery in the future, The Pioneer reports. Luig has previously worked on ‘taz’, ‘Welt am Sonntag’ and ‘Berliner Morgenpost’ and has been awarded the Richard von Weizsäcker Prize for Journalist, among others.
thepioneer.de (paid)

G7 meeting: The G7 information ministers want to do more to preserve press freedom and freedom of expression and to combat disinformation. The joint statement addresses, among other things, better protection for media workers and the fight against state censorship. “Disinformation is a very dangerous weapon,” the Minister of Information said Claudia Roth.

Legal dispute: Nearly 56% of delegates voted for premature termination AfD– A party conference in the Saxon city of Risa. The new management duo Alice Fidel And the Tino Shrupala Already submitted in vain, one Bjorn Hock to review the supported decision. The newspaper only mentions the “Ukraine conflict” rather than the war.

Netflix logoNetflixAfter a fatal car accident for the actors Raymundo Garduño Cruz And the Juan Francisco Gonzalez Aguilar In Mexico, the production company stops Redrome Filming of the series The Chosen One. Six other people involved were injured. The Film and Television Association SAG-AFTRA is investigating the incident.
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Sunday’s most clicked link: The 37-year-old’s “Running Up That Hill” Kate Bush It took first place in the UK charts thanks to the Netflix series Stranger Things.
youtube.com (5 minute music video)

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“Now we are investigating whether people are really switching from cars to trains because of the ticket. If so, then we should talk in the coalition about how we can build on that success.”

In an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”, the head of the Green Party, Ricarda Lange, put forward a possible follow-up bid for the €9 ticket.
bild.de (paid), welt.de

“The fact that some media outlets have talked about an ‘art exhibition of shame’ is a clear crossing of borders.”

Minister of State for Culture Claudia Roth He criticizes the media coverage of the document – apparently alluding to a “photograph” report. Bild editor-in-chief Johannes Boe replies that Bild has found “clear words about hate of Israel and anti-Semitism”.
sueddeutsche.de (paid), twitter.com (boy)

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Error failed: Tageschau does not transparently correct an error in the Ukrainian reporting, “but hides it behind the vague wording of the editorial treatment,” criticizes Stefan Nijmeir. The “Tageschau” has transformed the civilian victims of a Ukrainian attack into civilian victims of a Russian attack.

Leave joke: A columnist for the DWDL wrote: “The Doctrine of Laughing in the Past is Outdated” Shady Peer He notes “a change in German-language television comedy to become a social driving force”. The programs of Caroline Quebecos and Jan Boermann are prime examples of this.

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At the same time, Tobias Lammert, head of marketing and sales for marketing firm WDR Mediagroup, says in the turi2 club room that the podcast offer meanwhile “confused customers”. In his opinion, content should be compiled and processed in such a way that it is “absolutely found”.
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Listening tip: rbb Kultur’s feature “The Deadly Herswach-Ayn Affair” explores the question “Why do so many people fall in love with the love trade”. The focus is on the author’s brother Martina GrossRomance Hoax, a modern form of love cheating.
ardaudiothek.de (57 min audio)

Reading tip: “Obviously the new hard currency in hiring is speed,” Handelsblatt quotes. Philip Riddelldirector of the labor agency Pioneering experts. After a maximum of four weeks, applicants will go elsewhere – “in almost every industry”.
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The most clicked woman in politics it was yesterday Annalena Barbuk. On Friday, Spiegel reported a large-scale hacker attack on the Green Party. The former president should also be affected.
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Sauce Man: biology Tobias Pvingstel Discover new types of mites via photos posted on Twitter. In 2021, he baptizes his search “Twitter mite”, followed logically this year by “Retweet mite”. Other animals the web has been waiting for: TikTok tapir, Insta hedgehog, and Facebook flea.

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