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Today I would like to present to you the poetry book “Stadt Leben” by Benedict Schmidt with pictures of Laura Herz.

“City Living” is a book about Berlin. It combines the poetry of Benedict Schmidt and images of Laura Herz. Both moved to the German capital a few years ago. Day and night city life inspires the author and photographer time and time again. Many poems and images were created in their tours of the streets, bars and clubs.

In Stadtleben, Schmidt and Herz talk about daily life and the state of emergency in this unique city. Observations of people and situations meet currents of thoughts and dreams. Blur the lines of sobriety and intoxication. Memories and snapshots become blurred.

curious? Would you like to take a look inside the book or talk to the author about the challenges of the book? I’d be happy to book a review copy for you and connect with the author!

About the book:

city ​​life

Benedict Schmidt’s hair with pictures of Laura Herz

100 pages, €15.00, ISBN: 9783751929769, e-book: ASIN B08FBJDQF2, €8.99

Books App “Author”:

As one of the first authors in the German-speaking world, Benedikt Schmidt has created an app that provides compressed reading material.

With “The Author,” he directs his literature into a smartphone format, which makes it appealing to e-book and audiobook enthusiasts as well. The app contains short stories, text clips, scenes, and lyric acts, all written exclusively for this format.

“I also publish many short stories and poems in the app. Here I experiment more with reality and fiction, playing with words and link chains. But you can also find clips there, and Berlin or the city itself always plays a role.” Benedict Schmidt

“Author” – Benedict Schmidt app

For iOS and Android – Available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

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About the author:

Benedict Schmidt is an author, lyricist and musician. He also worked as a journalist for a long time. Schmidt regularly releases electronic music under various stage names and plays live in clubs around the world. Since 2019 he has been living with his wife in the village of Santani in Mallorca.

Literature and electronic music, Benedict Schmidt felt a connection with these two disciplines for many years. As an author, he deals with German society in urban and rural areas. The starting point is Schmidt’s life and his view of the world around him. Strong in language, with plenty of wit and full of chains of association, it plays with narrative levels. In the frenzy of writing, the boundaries between fantasy and reality become blurred.

The artist’s literary works, born in 1981, include poetry, plays, stories, short stories, and radio plays. Transitions between genres, genres, and shapes are just as fluid as the choice of means. After all, not only does analog and digital meet in the music of the 40-year-old – his compositions are also published in book form, via his smartphone app “Der Autor” and NFTs.

The creator, who has been living in Mallorca since 2019, produces and publishes demo sounds under the name “Cellarkalt”. As part of the duo “Snuff Crew” and solo as “Snuffo”, he introduces him to techno, house and acid at international clubs and can look at an impressive catalog of releases. Schmidt presents his show Snuffo in Santani every two weeks on London radio station Thread Radio, to which he is regularly invited by his fellow DJs.

In his radio plays and on his own label “Now World”, launched in the summer of 2022, he combines his cold productions with his own literature. A concept he would like to extend to his readings soon.

“Of course it is becoming increasingly difficult for artists and subcultures, freedom and safe places that are so important to them. High rental prices and a lack of living space affect everyone.

But every time I visit Berlin, the city has managed to put a huge smile on my face. I move around the streets and on public transport like a fish in water. And again, I meet new and exciting people and encounter inspiring, wonderful, funny, and bizarre situations.”

“In my literature, stills play a major role. When I was walking or using public transport in Berlin, or sitting somewhere in a café or bar, I often took notes, described situations and scenes, or wrapped them in poetry. There are some poems in the book I think the photos of Laura Herz respond nicely to that.” Benedict Schmidt

About the photographer:

Laura Herz grew up in Lower Austria and has been living in Berlin since 2014. She works there as a photographer and graphic designer. Her portfolio includes multiple types of photographic prowess and aligns with her graphic work.

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