# Hoarius? | Climate activist: ‘If I had this knowledge, it would be my moral duty to act’

# Hoarius? | climate activist

“Having this knowledge, it is my moral duty to act”

Nural Akbar

Video: rbb | 24 | 06/20/2022 | Material: TV News Kontor, rbb | picture: Nural Akbar

Lena Eichler had already graduated from high school this year. Instead, Berliner is now devoting herself full time to fighting climate change. This helps her deal with her fear of the future.

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Lena Eichler is a climate activist. Last year I went on a hunger strike with other activists. Your Demands Before the Federal Election: A Conversation with Candidates for Former Chancellor. In January, the 19-year-old dropped out of high school to fully devote herself to climate protection. Lena Eichler is involved in the “Last Generation” initiative. Their actions include the blockade of the highways in Berlin.

I learned more and more about climate breakdown. I know how bad it really is a year or two that will decide the future of human history. If I have this knowledge, it is my moral duty to act. Then I can’t keep studying for exams and look out the window and wait. That is why I decided that I wanted to dedicate everything I had to combating the climate catastrophe, to peaceful resistance. That’s why it was definitely right to drop out of high school at that point.

Of course, this is not what I want for my future. I hope the government does its job, takes the climate catastrophe seriously and acts accordingly. But what we’ve come up with so far is an unconstitutional climate protection package that doesn’t help us either. Then the resistance must come from the population. I am often angry with the government Obviously not acting. The new IPCC report has been released, the facts are in. It’s getting worse.

At first, friends and family reacted with concern that I wouldn’t do my Abitur. This is also very normal. But then I always try to convey that people’s concerns about me shouldn’t be about me, but about what’s going to happen. By the way, this is already costing a huge number of lives.

Of course that takes me too. I am terrified of what will happen in the future. And I’m already looking at areas of the world where there are famine and crop failures, and I know that’s also going to happen here. That’s why I’m really active now. I have to somehow draw action from this fear. It gives me hope that I have a plan that might get us out of there.

We block motorways all over Germany. We go to places where we can be most annoyed in order to draw attention to the subject. Nobody likes a fire alarm – we are a fire alarm. But we also don’t want to be loved. We want to take care of the matter and say that there can be no work. That’s why I’m part of the “last generation”.

It is often illegal to block a highway or engage in civil disobedience.
But the initial breach of the law was actually caused by the politicians in the government. They have a duty to protect our livelihoods. They do not.

I have to face criminal proceedings and fines. I have been under arrest for several days because the government prefers to imprison us than to meet our demands. But I go into the proceedings with the position that I accept all of that. I accept all of this myself personally.

Interview transcript: Nural Akbayer

Broadcast: Evening Show rbb24, June 20, 2022, 7:30 pm

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