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Many Germans sleep poorly – especially on hot nights. Photo: dpa / Karl-Josef Hildenbrand

During the day you can enjoy the hot summer temperatures, and at night they keep you awake. We’ll show you how the bed stays healthy and you can relax on hot nights.

According to sleep researcher Hans-Günter Weeß, many Germans can improve their sleep quality with simple measures. “Instead of exercising late or eating heavy meals, you should retire about an hour before bed,” says the head of Klingenmünster’s Multidisciplinary Sleep Center, Palatinate, marking Bedtime Day on Tuesday (June 21).

More than a third of Germans sleep poorly

Many people are unable to “release” themselves in the evening and relax in a way that promotes sleep. Referring to studies by the Robert Koch Institute, Weiss emphasized that a large percentage of Germans sleep poorly. Six to ten percent have sleep disorders that require treatment. We hypothesize that an additional third of the population will experience disturbed sleep.”

During the current hot nights, the sleep researcher advises avoiding alcohol, showering with warm water, and drinking warm beverages before going to bed. “We need to lower our basal body temperature to sleep, which we achieve by warming the surface of the skin.”

How can you sleep relaxed and healthy when it’s really hot? Questions, facts and tips:

How often should you change bed linens?

Since you sweat more in the summer and especially on hot nights, you should wash your bed linen more often. “People who sweat profusely in their sleep or who sleep without clothes should change their bedding—the sheets, quilt covers, and pillowcases—at least once a week. For everyone else, a change every 1-2 weeks is sufficient,” the Industry Care Association recommends. Personal detergents.

How harmful are bed mites?

In summer, up to ten million house dust mites can be infested with bedding. This is not only disgusting, but also harmful. The droppings of mites mix with house dust and microscopic skin particles that can cause allergic reactions if inhaled. To kill mites with the sun’s UV rays, you should air your bed linen outside regularly.

How useful is sleeping naked?

Sleeping without pajamas on tropical nights lowers your body temperature and makes it easier for you to fall asleep. Since the sweat flows straight into the bed, you should change the sheets every week. Therefore, it is recommended to wear light pajamas for health reasons.

Do chilled pajamas help?

Put the pajamas in a plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator. Nothing is more fun on a hot summer night than slipping into a pair of pre-cooled pajamas. The effect does not last long, but it helps you fall asleep.

How should you deal with mattresses?

On summer nights, about a liter of sweat seeps into the mattress. Although a significant part evaporates, the mattress constantly absorbs the remaining drops. Here, regular ventilation and a mattress protector help. Sweat is absorbed in time. Don’t forget: wash your pillow at least once a month at 60°C.

Is beer help to sleep appropriate?

Better not. Alcohol is a killer for sleep, especially in the summer. At night, the body uses extra energy to break down alcohol. We start to sweat and get out of the deep sleep phase. It is better to use fruit or herbal tea.

How to properly ventilate the bed?

Make the bed as soon as you wake up? Certainly impossible. Let it evaporate first. After a sweaty night, the mattress and sheets stay warm and damp and provide perfect opportunities for mites to breed. Therefore, when you get up, leave the covers and open the windows for ten minutes.

Does a hot water bottle also help on hot nights?

A hot water bottle can cool you down, too. Simply put the full bottle of water in the refrigerator during the day and take it to bed at night. On the feet or in the neck, a “cooling bottle” helps the body release heat.

What are suitable blankets and pillows?

Use a fluffy summer quilt or an airy quilt. If you are allergic to house dust, bamboo, real microfiber or lyocell made from cellulose fibers are ideal. On hot nights, a cotton or linen towel is often sufficient. However, the blanket should not be completely dispensed with, because drafts can quickly lead to a cold.

What bedding do you recommend?

In summer, an airy quilt is just the thing. But which fabric does it fit? Here are some tips about washing:

adulthood It is a soft and durable cotton fabric. It absorbs moisture well and has a temperature regulating effect.

jersey Made of cotton and synthetic fibres. It’s perfect for summer because it’s light, flexible, absorbent and climate regulated.

in seersucker They are crinkle bed sheets that allow air to circulate. It is nicely light and does not need to be ironed.

BircalHigh-quality cotton fabric, soft and smooth, well-ventilated and has a cooling effect on the skin.

linen Particularly breathable and feels nice on the skin. Linen should only be washed in a gentle wash cycle and not wrung hard.

silk Ideal for people with house dust allergies and skin problems. The breathable, wicking material is perfect all year round as it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Do you need a quilt in the summer?

It does not work without it. Don’t sleep without a blanket, even when it’s hot. Because that runs the risk that we calm down too much. If even a summer quilt is too warm for you in the summer, you should at least use a sheet to cover yourself. This has the advantage that you can “snuggle” and hold on to something.

How does the bedroom stay cool?

If you don’t have an air conditioner at home, there’s plenty you can do to combat the heat. Even without technical assistance, you can at least try to keep the bedroom as cool as possible – for example, by darkening it during the day.


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