Corona Vaccination Certificates Expire: Check BILD for Your Summer Vacation Life and Knowledge

Germany is packing bags for summer vacation – But the Alternative Corona BA.5 It causes uncertainty: in Germany, the number of new infections is increasing again.

However, the Standing Committee on Immunization (Stiko) is not extending its recommendation for a fourth vaccination at this time. “We do not know anything about the variables that could appear in late summer and autumn. According to a preliminary report, there is currently no basis for a strong and justified recommendation,” said Thomas Mertens, head of Stiko of the “Rheinische Post”.

But with how many vaccinations are on the safe side when entering your holiday country, what regulations currently apply to your holiday country and what do you need to do if your certificate of vaccination must expire before the holiday?

When am I still considered a full-fledged restaurant?

Most travel countries no longer check the vaccination or recovery status of tourists – in many cases entry is complete without one Corona vaccination easily possible.

In Portugal, for example, the method of entry is also different: those arriving by plane must prove their third-generation status – those who choose to travel by land, on the other hand, do not have to. However: watch out for transit countries! France still needs to prove 3G on the ground!

Many travelers are looking forward to a beach vacation

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From when one is still considered fully immune varies between countries. Anyone who already obtained a spade would be safe. None of the travel countries currently require a fourth booster. The exact information for the countries in question that still require proof of vaccination can be found below.

▶ ︎ The rules of your holiday country.


current occurrence: 704

Entry rules: Those who have been vaccinated and who have recovered do not have to present a current test when they enter the country by air, but they must prove their vaccination status. It’s different for unvaccinated people: you either need a PCR test (maximum 72 hours) or a rapid test within the last 24 hours. Children under the age of twelve do not need a test.

It means full vaccinationAny person who has previously received two doses of the vaccine against Corona is considered fully immunized as of 14 days after the second peak. However, this state expires after 270 days. Anyone who has already received a booster dose is considered to have been fully vaccinated until further notice. A person is considered to have recovered between eleven and 180 days after a positive test.


current occurrence: 257

Entry rules: number!


current occurrence: 17

Entry rules: number!


current occurrence: 250

Entry rules: number!

United State

current occurrence: 215

Entry rulesEveryone who wants to enter the United States must be fully vaccinated. Refunds are not enough! Since June 12, there is no longer a requirement to take a test before entering the country The health form must still be submitted.

It means full vaccination: 14 days after the second vaccination, you are considered to have received a full vaccination – this status is currently unlimited.


current occurrence: 122

Entry rules: number!


current occurrence: 8.9

Entry rules: number!


current occurrence: 186

Entry rules: There are no entry restrictions for vaccinated and recovered persons. Unvaccinated persons should submit a PCR test (maximum 72 hours) or a rapid test (maximum 24 hours). Exception: small border traffic and children under the age of twelve. W: If you arrive by plane, you have to Fill out the traveler form.

Full vaccination means: Anyone who has been vaccinated twice with Biontech, Moderna or AstraZeneca is considered fully vaccinated seven days after the last injection and up to nine months. At Johnson & Johnson, you are only considered fully catering after 28 days and up to nine months. There is no time limit for children under the age of 18. The booster also has no expiration date. I have recovered eleven days after the positive test and up to 180 days.


current occurrence: 14

Entry rules: number!


current occurrence: 25

Entry rules: Vacationers must register via the app. Adults must then upload either proof of vaccination or evidence of a negative PCR test no later than 72 hours at the time of departure. Proof of health insurance must also be submitted. Children and young adults do not need proof as long as both parents have been fully vaccinated. If evidence is missing, vacationers must remain in quarantine for five days upon arrival.

It means full vaccination: 14 days after the second dose. All vaccines approved in Germany are also recognized in Thailand.


current occurrence: 43

Entry rules: number!


current occurrence: 288

Entry rules: number!

Medical journalist Christoph Specht “It does not work without vaccination!”

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Important: check your vaccination certificate!

If you are traveling to a country that requires proof of vaccination, you should check the Corona Warning or CovPass app to see if your certificate of vaccination is still valid.

Because: Certificates have technical validity. This means that the vaccination itself may still apply, but the digital proof has expired. This technical validity was established at one year when the digital vaccination certificate was submitted. Since many Germans got things by their second names in the summer of last year, the certificate now expires for them.

The good news: If you have the latest version of the application in question installed, you can renew your certificate yourself within the application. So if that’s not possible, check the App Store to see if you’ve missed an update.

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