‘Because they don’t know what’s going to happen’: Günther Jauch keeps his promise – just like that

In “they don’t know what’s going to happen” it doesn’t really matter who wins. The main objective of the RTL show is, as the title reveals, chaotic television entertainment. Gottschalk, Gauch and Schönberger know that their opponent Johannes B.

The latest edition of “Because They Don’t Know What Happens” starts with a little bit of history. On the other hand with the fact that after the episode the previous Saturday, the show premieres a day later and therefore also on Sundays. In addition, Günther Jauch promised in the Saturday edition that this time would not be very long. A promise one would be happy to see fulfilled given the four and a half hours of airtime.

But Jauch was filled with a very different promise for the Sunday version and that explains his entry into the studio on Sunday night with a recorder and Schönberger with pink angel wings. Because the three of them were told on Saturday that they would appear as a band the next day and perform Reinhard May’s classic “Above the Clouds.”

“Mr. Jauch had a flute in his mouth all night. I was hoping I could say that sentence, but it wasn’t,” Schönberger opened the joke on Sunday. On the other hand, Thomas Gottschalk is more concerned about the quality of the performance: “We should have trained on it at least once.” Meanwhile, Jauch complains about the quality of the equipment: “It’s all gone to their wings, and the budget. I have a cheap plastic flute.”

Gottschalk and Gauch vs Kerner and Zarella

Not wanting to offend anyone here, but the probability is very high that the material of the flute will not determine the quality of the performance. But this is in the truest sense of the word the music of the future. First of all, the foundations of the evening were laid, at least most of them.

What is still missing is the information about who is supervising the evening and this message is supposed to bring a dog into the studio. But he refuses, and Gottschalk thinks he knows why: “When he sees Gunther, he turns.” In the end, it worked out and Barbara Schonberger found out it was her turn this time.

Opponents are still missing and Schöneberger appears to have done the selection a favor: “I am glad when I read what is here, because it will be interesting,” says Schöneberger, opening the envelope with the names of guests, because there are Giovanni Zarella and Johannes B. Kerner are included in the list. She’s not wrong about the whole evening, but Schönberger really has to address the glaring lack of sportsmanship in game two.

It comes down to a kind of song memory, where each song is broken down into instruments and vocals. Nine fields can now be seen twice on screen for viewers and candidates. The fields on the left contain letters, and the fields on the right contain numbers. The instrument is under the letters and the song is under the numbers. Each team now reveals a letter and a number field and the squad begins. If music and singing come together, there is a point, otherwise no.

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Johannes B. Kerner: Over-ambitious and unsportsmanlike

It takes a while for everyone to understand the rules, but when Jauch and Gottschalk revealed the first couple, Günther Jauch noticed something and Barbara Schöneberger asked Johannes B. Your phone?” Kerner thinks he did nothing wrong and replies: “I’ll write what kind of song…” But Schöneberger interjects: “Say you’re crazy! We don’t serve retirees here, we’re on RTL!

Now you can find Kerner’s exaggerated ambition unsympathetic, after all, this is an entertainment format and a dead hairstylist interested in who wins the stupid games. On the other hand, one could also argue that Kerner’s excessive – albeit inadvertently – ambitious is precisely entertaining because it brings a bit of emotion to the show, which can be seen in the boos from the studio audience. It can also be amusing if you find someone unsympathetic.

However, for the rest of the evening, Kerner retreats and leaves Schöneberger, Jauch, and Gottschalk to entertain and show that it can be done in a sympathetic and funny way. Perhaps with one exception. As the acclaimed Schöneberger-Jauch-Gottschalk performance is expected to turn into the number one singing for a flamboyant slapstick village festival. You must want.

Gunter Gautsch keeps his promise – almost

The rest of the evenings then belong to all kinds of party games that one is accustomed to from ’cause they don’t know what’s going to happen’. Celebrities play taboo in a spinning car, and a little later table tennis with hand fans. Princess and Oliver Bucher dance songs that Kerner, Zarella and Co. have to learn about, after which the cups only have to be flown with balloons. So far, it’s very entertaining and so the show is working to answer whether Günther Jauch will keep his promise to hit the sack earlier this time.

Answer: Yes. The end is “already” at 11:36pm, but it doesn’t start until after another commercial break and a short break because Günther Jauch still wants to set up his mic. But then it starts and considering the fact that the Zarrella/Kerner team are going into the final 7-1 after the games, you might think it’s going to be fast. Because 7:1 means that on the “Wall” at Jauch, seven stones were previously rolled, in Zarrella only one.

Remember: In the final, a celebrity from each team hangs on the wall while their partner answers the questions. If the opponent gives a wrong answer or a correct answer, a stone is pushed into the wall from behind. Whoever can stick to the wall the longest wins. But since Gottschalk converged relatively quickly with Gottschalk, he felt comfortable about his opponent’s previous “quest”: “We got to the last round comfortable.” But despite all that was left, the evening was lost to Gottschalk and Gauch. Because Jauch fell off the wall at 12:40 am and three minutes before his opponent Alvaro Soler the day before. Just so promised.

Last year a new episode of “Wetten, dass..?” aired. And just recently, “7 Days, 7 Heads” celebrated its big comeback. In addition, “The Price is Hot” and “The 100,000 Mark Show” will be back in 2022. We would also love to watch these popular TV shows again.

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