Barbara Schonberger makes fun of Josh’s butt on RTL

Thomas Gottschalk, Barbara Schönberger and Gunther Gautsch can now be seen on Sunday.Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Tight pants, blisters and (missing) buttocks were also a problem again in Part Two of “Because They Don’t Know What’s Happening – The Jauch-Gottschalk-Schöneberger Show”. Other than that, there was a lot of overlap with the Saturday edition of the show. It was clear: “Tommy and Pupsie feat. Gunny M. Holes” had to appear.

“Above the clouds”, but only after “the crime scene”

Why the show’s three hosts should perform “Above the Clouds” unfortunately remained a big secret even after the performance. But all three proved to be strong and they put up that performance with full rigor with wind instrument, wind instrument and faulty pitch. The performance was scheduled for 9:45 p.m. because, as Johannes B. suspected, Kerner, “Crime Scene” was over by then and RTL was hoping that many people would turn to the show.

You can also switch to the news, and the ZDF broker comes in, but is invited to RTL as a guest and then you may not advertise the competition very often.

Everyone announces what’s next

Although ZDF newcomer Giovanni Zarella in particular had a few problems upgrading for his own case. He sang his songs and promoted his new record, The Next Tour, but then also announced for Johannes B. Kerner and Barbara Schonberger, indicated in the current programs in the competition station. Even guest Oliver Bucher, who showed his expressive choreography skills to the game and showed that, unlike his wife, he could laugh at himself painlessly, he was allowed to put on a TV signal. Somehow the ruble has to roll.

And if all else fails, there’s still a potential career as an underrated hitter trio with an unbridled flair for fashion in career stars. The tight and wild outfits, which she wore for an impressively long time as the program went on, were changed only at the express request of Barbara Schönberger. She wanted to know if a commercial break could be used for a change of clothes. There were quite a few of them that evening.

Advertising with TV breaks

Of course, the second evening of “Because You Don’t Know What Happens” was also long, unlike Günther Jauch’s earlier idea of ​​finishing on time (set at midnight) on a Sunday due to the start of the week. Nothing came of it, instead, he was suspended until the last match before the final, Match 9.

Right advanced reason: Günther Gautsch and Thomas Gottschalk couldn’t put together any other ground with a score of 7 to 1. Well, even if the score was 5 to 0, they wouldn’t be able to do that anymore, but who wants to bother with easy math after 10pm?

In the end, the show makers had to decide whether they wanted more games or more ads, and the choice was ultimately in favor of promotional measures. Of course, such a live show costs a lot of money to produce and only pays off if it lasts as long as possible. But don’t overdo the commercial breaks either. At the latest, when the audience feels that the show is only being interrupted by the advertisement, things may get out of hand.

Who does not know the rules of memory here?

What was seen among the trading blocs was similar to the Anarcho show on Saturday. This time Barbara Schöneberger led through the show, and there was a live band as creativity, who did a great job on Game 2 “Remember the Songs”. Because while the band was playing a musical, singer Chantal sang the lyrics of another song. The goal of phonemic memory was to find and connect two identical melodies. However, the rules of the game were so unfair to Günther Jauch and Thomas Gottschalk that it was virtually impossible for them to win this game.

Because basically they always had to apply, and the general team, made up of Giovanni Zarella and Johannes B. Kerner, was allowed to follow suit. They basically won the three points by the unfair rule that Jauch and Gottschalk never revealed a pair, but always had to give up after discovery.

The opponents almost failed because Johannes B. Kerner first wanted to save notes on the songs he heard on his smartphone. This is where Barbara Schonberger stepped in. She reprimanded him, saying, “We are not here with the retirees.” At the start of the show, Thomas Gottschalk promised to comment on all upcoming games: “It’s the funniest game we’ve ever played.”

Barbara Schonberger usually takes over this part, but she got a break from playing it due to a commitment to moderation. In this unfair game, Gottschalk’s mood drops to an all-time low. “Remember the Songs” is “by no means the funniest game,” an upset interjection.

Balloon Transport also caused a little excitement for Gottschalk and Jauch, but it did so with Kerner and Zarrella. In the end, the two imitated the tongue job, causing Barbara Schönberger to make wild faces.

Narrow Bottom Cushion

Thomas Gottschalk enjoyed Bungee Cushion much more. The goal: One celebrity had to sit on twelve pillows that the other had brought him. There were ropes attached to the pillows that would pull the pillow back if you raised your butt too high. Barbara Schönberger grinned because Gunter Gautsch had already slammed her leggings up front. This was already a problem on Saturday evening, but as the presenter, she could now wear her pantsuit with peace of mind and she didn’t have to fear anything.

Thomas Gottschalk decided that he would sit down and stock up on the pillows that Günther Gautsch should bring to him. Barbara Schonberger commented on a wise decision. “Honestly, you don’t have a butt at all,” she said of Gauch’s rear view. He was a little baffled by this claim, which was also confirmed by Thomas Gottschalk.

“Do you still have room in the front?”

When it hit the wall in the final and Gunther Gautch tried to stay there as long as possible, everyone watching probably got a good look at the really downside of Gautch. And then he accidentally made a construction worker released. This evening, there were again some ready-made photos, which not only look especially beautiful in the annual summary, but are also easily memorable.

I immediately came up with a new marketing idea for Barbara Schöneberger and wanted to put together a calendar with the twelve most beautiful Günther Jauch poses. She laughed after all, “He’s already doomed to stillness after five stones.” Then the moderator wanted to get rid of his microphone cables from his back pocket and called for help. “Are you still wide in front of your pants?” Schonberger asked with a smile. “I am very glad that Günther does not have a donkey,” Thomas Gottschalk then concluded the evening of the topic with Günther Gautsch and his downside.

Finally, after more than half an hour clinging to the rocks, they both fell into the provided shaving pool. Giovanni Zarella and Johannes B. Now is the time to wait until fall to watch the three talents of the show improvise once again and take each other’s leaps.

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