World Refugee Day: Human rights organizations call for better protection of refugees

Updated on 06/19/2022 at 16:38

  • Marking World Refugee Day on Monday, human rights organization Pro Asyl called on the federal government to do more for refugees.
  • Similar statements were made by other human rights organizations and the Evangelical Church of Germany (EKD).
  • Greenpeace demonstrated in the port of Hamburg for the full protection of the so-called climate refugees.

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Marking World Refugee Day on Monday, human rights organization Pro Asyl called on the federal government to do more to protect refugees in Europe. On Sunday, the organization said the right to asylum was “in existential danger – all over the world and in Europe” in particular. She referred to the de facto internment camps on the EU’s external borders and the rejection of refugees by many EU member states without their asylum applications being considered.

World Refugee Day: Better protection is needed for refugees

Pro-Aseel recalled the Traffic Light Coalition’s agreement that the federal government promised to “end illegal refusal and suffering at the external borders.” It is for this reason that it must oppose the establishment of de facto concentration camps. The EU plans to subject those seeking protection to a “screening” before entering the country, with the result of which determines whether they are legally allowed to cross the border. The federal government has not yet opposed this, and has criticized Pro Asyl.

“So far, a word from the Minister of the Interior or the Minister of Foreign Affairs has condemned the areas of chaos on the borders of Europe,” explained Gunther Burckhardt, director general of the pro-Aseel. “We expect the declarations made by the coalition agreement to be represented at the European level and for the federal government to work for a fair asylum procedure without any condition or condition.” “Systematic detention prevented by the compulsive delusion of non-entry” could still be prevented.

As the Evangelical Church expresses itself

The German Institute for Human Rights (DIM) has also warned against complying with human rights obligations towards those seeking protection at the EU’s external borders. DIM criticized that they were denied access to fair asylum procedures in Greece, but also at the Polish-Belarus border or in Croatia.

“Refugees are people, not numbers,” confirmed the Commissioner for Refugees of the Evangelical Church in Germany, Bishop Christian Stapelin. He welcomed Germany’s great support for refugees from Ukraine. However, Stäblein cautioned that flaws in the treatment of other refugee groups must end urgently.

Greenpeace Demonstrates for Climate Refugees

“Everyone must be helped, without exception,” said Feliz Polat and Julian Bahlke, members of the Green Party of the Bundestag. “There should be no two chapters when receiving refugees.” This also applies to the “at-risk Afghans who worked for a free and democratic Afghanistan” and for the local forces left behind when the international forces left.

Environmental organization Greenpeace demonstrated in the port of Hamburg in order to put in place full protection for climate refugees. The sailing ship Greenpeace “Belogs 2” sailed in front of the Philharmonic. Kayak activists also took part in the work. “Climate change often exacerbates conflicts, natural disasters and other causes of displacement,” said expert Fouad Durrani. (AFP/OK)

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