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There are still real new repercussions many years away. As confirmed by Todd Howard at the 2022 Summer Games Festival, Fallout 5 will be released after The Elder Scrolls 6.

Fortunately, Fallout: London is one of the most ambitious mods ever in development, and it is already captivating millions of fans:

Fallout: London has fascinated millions of players


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Fallout: London has fascinated millions of players

We’ve put together all the important information we could find about Fallout: London for you and put it together in this article.

All you need to know about Fallout: London

Release: When will Fallout: London be released?

Fallout: London is created by a team of volunteer developers and contributors. Since they cannot allocate the same amount of time constantly, it is difficult to determine the official release date.

Lead developer Dean Carter told us in an interview, “We have a release date in mind and we’re working hard to make it happen.” So we calculate 2023 at the earliest with release.

Price: How much does Fallout: London cost?

The mod will be completely free to download once it is released. To play, you need Fallout 4 including all DLCs.

Platforms: Will Fallout: London Coming to Xbox and PlayStation?

number. The mode will be released for PC only.

Story and setting: What is Fallout: London about?

Fallout: London begins in the year 2237, i.e. between the events of Fallout 1 and Fallout 2. This means that Fallout: London predates the events of Fallout 4 by a total of 50 years in the English capital of London and its surroundings.

Little is known about the story itself. In the game’s first trailer, which shows character creation and the tutorial, we learn that our character is being held as a test subject in an underground research facility and can only be released through an accident. It is not yet known how things will continue after the escape.

You can watch the 20-minute trailer again here:

Fallout: London - Gameplay video shows the full introduction to total diversion mod


Fallout: London – Gameplay video shows the full introduction to total diversion mod

However, the developers promise that there will be a lot of interesting missions and NPCs. Super mutants, death claws, and other iconic enemies of the previously known Fallout universe should not exist because of the different location.

How to play: How do you play Fallout: London?

In terms of gameplay, not much will change compared to the original, so you can expect a mixture of free exploration of the open world and following a campaign.

This open world consists of a condensed version of London, focusing on the main neighborhoods and some areas outside the city limits. The world is roughly the same size as the Commonwealth in Fallouts 4.

Accordingly, you can expect the popular genre mix of stealth, shooter, and NPC dialogues, as you already know from Fallout 4. The skill and talent system will return as well, as can be seen in the embedded gameplay trailer above and video preview below:

Fallout: London prepares to conquer the open worlds of Bethesda - new gameplay



Fallout: London prepares to conquer the open worlds of Bethesda – new gameplay

If you need to know more about the well-known gameplay of the recent Fallout games, take a look at our review:

Fallout 4 in testing - a delicate deal


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Fallout 4 in testing – a delicate deal

However, the developers have already announced a significant difference: in Fallout: London the number of firearms should be much less than in Fallout 4 and the focus will be on close combat.

Factions: What factions are there in Fallout: London?

Generally will Seven different factions In fallout: London. You should be able to officially join everyone except Gentry and Tommies.

high-classThe gentry are the current rulers of London and are descendants of the aristocracy before the war and the British government. They rule the City of Westminster from within the city walls and have big plans to take back the United Kingdom.

Tommy’s: The Tommies was formed as a militia intended to serve as the protectors of London. Although their actions started with good intentions, their leadership early in the game was unaware that they had become the tool of the gentry.

Tommy defends London for the gentry and receives little thanks for doing so. In the game, they act as defensive forces along walls and in areas.

Fifth column: The Fifth Column, led by Yves Varney. It wants to tear down the institution of London and build a new empire from under the rubble. This populist movement is strong and growing, and its ideas are gaining popularity among the lower classes in London.

Fallout: London – View footage of the giant mod

CamelotThe Camelot Movement is a secret organization fighting to liberate London from the rule of the gentry and create a new representative republic to rule. Although they are currently in hiding, they are still fighting for British rights.

They once tried to peacefully reform London, but after the gentry used violence against them, they went underground and now also seek to revolt and overthrow the gentry.

Island Dog GuildThe Island Dog Syndicate is a criminal organization that controls the Millwall neighborhood. They work as merchants and operate one of the city’s largest looting organizations from their headquarters in One Canada Water. They are in direct conflict with the Vagabonds after their leader is assassinated.

vagabonds: The Drifters are the direct enemies of the Isle of Dogs and in 2237 were motivated by only one thing: revenge. They want to destroy the Island Dog Guild if that’s the last thing they do. They are led by a man named Sebastian Gaunt – a rude, snappy and rude man. They took their cues from Peaky Blinders and other similar British gangsters of the time.

fishing laneAngel is an elusive group, only talk about it in secret. Some claim to be the descendants of a pre-war scientific ministry within the British government. Others say they have clients and eyes everywhere watching over the lives of all Londoners. Still others say it is just a superstition designed to frighten the gullible.

What’s the next official step in Fallout?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, Fallout fans will have to wait for Fallout 5 for many years to come. However, there is still hope for an official new fallout: An insider claims to have learned that Fallout: New Vegas 2 could be created by Obsidian Entertainment:

The odds for New Vegas 2 have never been better



The odds for New Vegas 2 have never been better

In addition to Fallout: London, a number of other promising mods are currently being developed, such as Fallout: Miami – here too, we talked to the developers about their ambitious project.

If you’re a fan of classic Fallout games, keep an eye out for Fallout 3: Project Van Buren, which aims to give the discontinued 2003 iso-RPG a second chance.

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