‘Because they don’t know what’s going to happen’: Schönberger and Keul cross the target with slippery slogans

Updated on 06/19/2022 at 09:54

On the hottest weekend of the year so far, RTL airs its XXL show “Because You Don’t Know What Happens – The Jauch-Gottschalk-Schöneberger Show” this time on Saturday and Sunday. The first part begins with a couple of bad sayings and ends with two promises for the second part.

It’s definitely not a place one would first think of with Günther Jauch. But there on Saturday evening, a banana basket in hand, colorful heads on his head and leading the Brazilian samba bolognese to the tune of the 1990 summer song “Samba de Janeiro” at the studio “Gotschalk-Schöneberger-Show.”

There are two reasons why he does this. Reason #1 “We’re having a summer party,” Thomas Gottschalk explains a few seconds ago. And just a few seconds ago, Gauch was told the second reason by the confetti cannon, that this time he had to coordinate the show. So far for the basics, what are still missing are the two famous ones that Schönberger and Gottschalk have to play against in this version.

Schöneberger and Kiewel present a ‘slippery sayings duel’: Too poor even for an RTL

Gauch believes that “a better mood is not possible” to sum up the two guests in one phrase. Exaggeration aside, this is of course a matter of taste. Anyway, “ZDF-Fernsehgarten” presenter Andrea Kewell and singer Alvaro Soler come to the studio and Andrea Kewell in particular uses the first game to show what she means by being in a good mood.

At first it starts out harmless. Playing ‘watering can-blo’ and when commentator Thorsten Schorn declared it a ‘totally lively game’, Schöneberger already suspects it might get a little wet: “My blouse doesn’t get transparent when it gets wet. That’s all I paid attention to.” Right about that, because now the celebrity squad has to blow into a watering can full of water, and their partner then has to catch as much water as possible. Whoever collects more water after two minutes wins the round.

It sounds harmless actually, but with Andrea Kewell it seems like a small series of engagements started here. Thus it allows the viewer to participate in the slippery jokes that come to mind when they hear the words “full splash” and “puff.” She’d make it big in the schoolyard, but even for an RTL it’s a bit poor, especially since Barbara Schönberger gratefully takes on and expands on Kiewel’s sexual analogies — at least a little more complex. In the end, Soler spews more water out of the can than Gottschalk, which tempts Gauch to tease him: “As a singer, he has better lungs than a babbler.”

“Because they don’t know what’s going to happen”: the Schöneberger-Jauch-Gottschalk band

A few moments later, tabloid presenter Frauke Ludowig was allowed to reveal that “Gossip” will be a singer the next day when she’s expecting Sunday evening. One could also say “advertisements make”. Because on Sunday it will follow the upcoming release of “Because You Don’t Know What Happens” – and Schöneberger, Jauch and Gottschalk should perform Reinhard Mey’s classic “Above the Clouds” as a band.

Why and What Will Show on Sunday When it comes to Gottschalk and singing, Gauch feels reminded of Gottschalk’s attempt to sing “What Happened to Rock and Roll.” “He was seventh for three days,” Gautsch and Gottschalk thinks: “No, he was third for seven days.” So Gottschalk is also in the mood, just a little less slippery.

And otherwise? In game number three, both teams must arrange a grill dish with the greatest possible taste. Viewers can then vote for the winning board on the RTL website. In korfball, Soler and Schöneberger are attached to turntables and have to collect balloons with a basket, and are pushed by Kiewel and Gottschalk.

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Günther Jauch: ‘I promise we’ll finish faster tomorrow’

That sounds funnier than it ends up being, but there are other advantages. For example in the game “Disc Speaker”. Here, all the celebrities have to press their faces on a transparent part and take turns saying the words and guessing. Looking at the flat nose and dilated nostrils is an aesthetic challenge, but you get entertainment in return. For example, when Gottschalk is supposed to guess “banana flank” in vain, but always only understands “banana bitch”.

And when Schönberger, flat-faced, said the word “intelligence” to Thomas Gottschalk’s flat-faced, he at least visually shows some sarcasm. But smart isn’t always the one who looks smart, and so the “because you don’t know what’s going on” version pulls itself in an amusing way, sometimes less, but always very slowly towards the final. This time Alvaro Soler and Barbara Schonberger stand right there at the wall, while Kewell and Gottschalk have to answer the questions.

For each wrong answer and for each correct answer by the opponent, stones are pushed into the wall from behind. If a player loses his balance due to insufficient support and goes out of the wall, the opposing team has won 20,000 euros for “half of the audience”. And as if they wanted to make the already long evening a very long evening, it actually lasted until 12:43 am until Alvaro Soler finally lost his foot and sprinted off the wall. But at least there’s still good news from Gunther Gauch at the end: “Promise we’ll finish faster tomorrow.”

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