A night at Prizeotel on the banks of Warnow

Rostock. Pack your bags and let’s go: During my time as a tour guide in Northern and Eastern Europe I’ve already gained experience evaluating hotels – it’s good to bring a pillow and pen again and take a closer look at the breakfast, facilities and services. This time: Prizeotel in Rostock.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

The hotel is located at the corner of Kehrwieder Straße and Warnowufer. Restaurants such as “La Dolce Vita” and “Der Grech” as well as “chocoladere de Pres” are only a stone’s throw away. And of course: Warnow. Perfect for an evening outing.

First Prizeotel Prize in MV

In June 2021, the hotel chain “prizeotel” opened in the immediate vicinity of the port of Rostock. It is the first hotel in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern hotel chain. As of 2021, the chain operated a total of ten hotels in Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. More scheme. According to Booking.com, the hotel is a three-star property.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

As the chain reveals on its website, New York designer Karim Rashid designed the interior design for a “chic hotel.” To be honest: the name means very little to me as an art beginner. But the colorful room photos found with a quick Google search are certainly memorable. By the way, seven of the 111 rooms also have a balcony – then tourists have a view of the Warnowufer.

An actual opening was planned for September 2020 – but then came closing. So the opening was not feasible at that time. Background: The building that now houses the Prizeotel was formerly an Ibis hotel.

The hotel accepts Ukrainian refugees

In my hotel testing, I took a standard room for one night. On the booking confirmation it was written just below the price: “Standard booking – arrival by 18:00 (local time) required. If you arrive later, there is no claim for the room. Another thing to note: Prizeotel is a cashless hotel completely.

To make sure everything was working with the room, I arrived in the early afternoon. What immediately caught my eye upon entering the building: a stately heart in the shape of the Ukrainian flag rests on the reception desk. I also noticed signs with Ukrainian letters everywhere. Reason: The hotel has booked the entire first floor for Ukrainian refugees. The caterer provides them with a warm lunch and dinner every day.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

As I found out the next day, the initiative came from the hotel itself, and the refugees were supposed to come here after the long journey. The hotel also receives support from the city. As one of the staff told me, Prizeotel in Rostock would like people to spare the exhibition hall. I give it an extra big plus to that. But in the meantime, the hotel is no longer able to accommodate refugees due to the summer season.

The breakfast room is closed

But back to my arrival. The two ladies at the front desk are very friendly. The two are dressed fairly casually, there doesn’t seem to be a uniform. But I remember: it is not a high-end five-star hotel.

How much does a Prizeotel cost in Rostock?

The cost per night in a standard double room is about 95 EUR. The cost of the “Design room with balcony” is about 168 euros. There is also eleven euros for breakfast. If you also need housing for your car, you will also pay eleven euros for parking.

However, there is bad news: the breakfast room is closed for renovations (and is now open again). So breakfast is only available to go. To make matters worse, I am a vegetarian. Hence my doubts whether I could find anything at all in the morning. Instead of a bar, there is a vending machine where visitors can get snacks and drinks.

The corridor and room are dipped in purple, blue and pink

After a pleasant and uncomplicated check-in, go to the room on the 3rd floor. The lift can be used very easily without the room card. Once you reach the top, the colorful portico immediately catches the eye. The walls are purple and the doors are pink and blue. A wavy line on the ceiling donates light.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

OZ reporter Julia Kaiser checked in at the Prizeotel in Rostock.

And here I am: Room 316. Here, too, the colors give the impression that I am sleeping in Villa Vilcula. There is a large TV hanging opposite the bed, flanked by one of the three mirrors in the room. In the corner is a very small table – a laptop, a reading lamp and a notepad that barely fit together – with a chair. WiFi is working perfectly. The window can be opened completely. And if you do not want to let go of the heat in the summer, the air conditioner in the room will help you.

Instead of laminate, there is carpet, which I always find rather unhygienic in hotel. I can’t describe the bathroom in any other way than ‘small but good’. Pink and blue colors can also be found here. In addition to the hair dryer, soap and shower head with different settings, there is also something very special: underfloor heating. In fact, I don’t remember having enjoyed it in any other hotel.

But one thing bothers me: I can still hear a noise like rising carbon dioxide. Even after checking my water bottle several times, I can’t find the cause. My guess: it comes from the vent. But I can’t tell exactly what it is. What’s more: the busy street “Am Strande”. All the time I hear the sounds of cars and trucks across the street. However, I can sleep without any problems: the bed is comfortable and offers enough space for two people.

Even vegetarians are satisfied

The morning is here – that means: it’s time to try breakfast. The good news: Even vegetarians are full. Because contrary to my idea of ​​having a cup of coffee and a pre-packed sandwich, the hotel does nice service: guests order at the front desk, the staff disappears for a brief moment and brings breakfast on a tray. You can eat in your room or in the lobby. I choose the lobby.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

One of the especially friendly staff brought me rolls, margarine, jam and two juices – the main thing is that this guest is also fed. For everyone else there is also muesli, sausage and cheese. The hotel offers coffee and tea for hot drinks. Basically, vegetarians or guests with certain dietary restrictions should inform us of this in advance, and then the hotel will take care of the rest. Even if I don’t, I start the day with a full stomach.

The employee especially recommends Karl’s strawberry farm. If I only have a little time, I can also take a walk in the old town or take a boat trip – Corona permitting. At Warnemünde you can try your luck searching for amber, he adds: “The Baltic is wonderful.” And if you need more information: there are flyers for different excursion destinations in the hotel lobby.

deductive? I would definitely recommend the hotel to those who are just coming to Rostock for a quick city break. The price-performance ratio is definitely right for that. However, if you are planning a more relaxing trip to Rostock, you will definitely find a much quieter stay – without vague noises in the room.

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