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Spring, summer, fall or winter: the color types are divided by season. picture: [M] ViDI Studio, Roman Sambourskyi / Shutterstock.com

Knowing your color type can elevate clothing style and help avoid pseudo-fashion. Spring, summer, winter or fall: this is how you decide which colors suit you.

The theory of color types dates back to the Swiss painter and art teacher Johannes Itten. Based on skin tone, eye color, and hair color, he made specific color schemes for clothing, makeup, and interior design. Four color types are distinguished depending on the seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Overview:

spring boy

The spring type belongs to the warm color types, it is rather light, with a warm skin tone, rose-golden and light hair color with reflections from golden to reddish. The skin is sensitive and rarely tans, the eye color is mostly light.Clear and warm colors such as lime green, champagne, turquoise, apricot or poppy red suit the spring type well. The spring type should avoid muted and dark tones such as black or colors with cool bluish nuances.

Autumn type

The autumn type is also warm, but it is usually a little darker than the spring type. It has a golden yellow skin. The hair is reddish-brown, red or brown with a golden sheen or a honey tint. Autumn type slowly tan, freckles can occur. Autumn type has green or brown eyes. Colors such as rust, copper or chestnut red, olive green, fir green, shades of brown, mustard yellow or petroleum blue harmonize well with the autumnal type. Autumn type should avoid cold and bright nuances such as pink, lemon yellow or cold shades of blue.

summer boy

The summer type is rather pale and has a bluish-pink skin tone. The hair is usually light brown or blond with gray accents, and the eyes are usually blue, blue or gray. Bordeaux red and all shades of blue, as well as delicate pastel shades such as green, pink, lavender or yellow, look good in the summer type. Loud and intense colors such as light green or bright blue, yellowish nuances and pure white make the summer type look somewhat bland.

winter boy

Those of the winter type have a cool, bluish or olive skin tone. Hair and eye color ranges from very light to very dark. Brilliant, contrasting and bright colors such as black, white, purple, crimson, cherry red, emerald green, lemon yellow, royal blue and neon colors harmonize well here. Washed pastel tones, beiges, browns and very warm colors are not really for the winter type.

This is how you determine the individual color type

To determine your color type, you should first look at your skin tone. If the skin appears pink, red, or bluish-pink, then you belong to the cold type, while yellow, gold, and orange tones refer to the warm type.

If you’re not sure what your skin tone is, vein color can help: bluish-purple is an indicator of cool color types, and greenish veins are for warm veins. Another indicator is the color of the shadows under the eyes: the bluish color indicates the cold type, and the brown one is the warm type. A brownish-pink lip color is an indication of the warm type, while the cooler type has a more bluish lip color.

Standing shirtless in front of a mirror in natural light can also help with identification. Then, alternately apply a pink and orange cloth to your face: if the face looks fresher with orange, you’re the warm type, and if pink washes your skin off more, you’re the cool type.

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