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I own a chicken coop, fresh eggs daily. Many rave about it. But before the dream comes true, you must be well informed.

The domestic chicken is the most common pet of mankind: there are three chickens for every human around the world!

So it’s no wonder that more and more gardeners want their poultry. But the step needs to be well thought out. So be sure to do your research before Buy your own live chicken from the Breeding Club.

Humans and chickens have a long history together.


If you’re not completely sure yet, you can do a little while Rent chicken instead of buying it. There is no better way to test the idea of ​​your happiness for a chicken.

What are the rules that I have to observe?

There are a variety of requirements: the height of the chicken fence, the minimum size of the chicken coop, the space per chicken or noise protection. All this is regulated in the state of Baden-Württemberg by the local building authority and Animal and Livestock Welfare Law. More about raising chickens in the Rhineland-Palatinate, as well as other tips, can be found here.

And most importantly, you should keep the chicken Register in the responsible veterinary office and animal disease fund!

If you contact the local authorities in time before buying chicken, this saves time and trouble. The local poultry club also has information about Beginner friendly poultry breeds.

Healthy chicken is like animal welfare

Pay attention to the needs of the animals. Private owners must At least four square meters of exercise per chicken Calculate. Even animal welfare organizations advocate 10 to 20 square meters per chicken.

Chickens are very social. watch out for one The size of the group is not less than three to four chickens. If there are more animals, then the rooster equals the hierarchy. It is not allowed to keep more than 20 chickens individually and it is also meaningless in your own garden.

Be realistic about how many animals you can actually afford in the long run. Some breeds cost “only ten euros” to buy, but the animals must be cared for by a vet and vaccinated regularly. The Animal Disease Trust requires regular proof of vaccination.

Peking chicken (Photo: SWR, SWR -)

Whether it’s worms or special feed: Chickens need opportunities to peck.



The chicken yard is not a place to dispose of leftovers. Not all human foods are suitable for animals. In addition to special food, they eat insects, worms and even slugs.

Chickens have amazing abilities, and if taken care of properly, they can Live up to ten years.

admission to Country and big city

There is no general legal answer to the question of whether and where chickens can be kept. It really depends on the neighborhood you live in.

If you live in a country where the animals belong, then there will be no problems. Neighbors are used to gossip and there is enough space to run freely. Even in the suburbs or small towns, keeping chickens in private gardens is usually not a problem.

It’s more complicated in the big city. Here the owners or owners sometimes forbid the raising of chickens and parents. They protect the community and property from noise and dirt.

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