What you need to know about the mayoral elections in Dormarsheim

100 assistants at work

voltage increases. Four candidates run for mayor in Dormarsheim. On Sunday evening, it will be clear who will win and whether there will be a second ballot.

The town hall door is open: whoever enters there as the new mayor can decide in the elections on Sunday. There are four candidates.

Photo: Hans-Jürgen Collette

Who will have a significant say in the development of the Dormarsheim community over the next eight years? Nearly 10,000 voters stand a chance to vote on Sunday, June 19. On the one hand, there’s 38-year-old Christopher Robertino, who works at Dormersheim Town Hall in the Head Office/Mayor’s Administration Department.

The second nominee is 63-year-old Armin Colby, a trained bank clerk, record director and artist, among others. 44-year-old Klaus Eckert, government director at the Ministry of the Environment in Baden-Württemberg, came third on the ballot.

The fourth mayor candidate is Mario Radovic, 42 and the project coordinator in the IT branch. For clarity on the new mayor, one of the four candidates must achieve more than 50 percent of the valid votes cast on Sunday.

If that does not work, there will be a second ballot two weeks later on Sunday, July 3, where a simple majority will suffice to determine the winner. The former city council president, Andreas Augustin (independent), decided not to run again after two terms in office.

Interim results can be seen on a screen in front of the town hall

According to Petra Dorschnabel, who is responsible for organizing the town hall elections, 2,041 postal ballot papers had been submitted by midweek. “This is lower than in recent federal and state elections,” she says. In 2014, when incumbent Mayor Augustin defeated Helmut Schorp, turnout was around 50 percent.

“Since the incumbent is no longer employed, we’re hoping for a higher turnout,” says Dorschnabel. There are nine constituencies and three postal constituencies. The polling stations are located in the town hall, in the after-school care center in Friedrichschule, in the Realschule and the primary school in Würmersheim. They are open between 8 am and 6 pm.

“Results from individual districts are always updated and entered directly on our website. There is a screen in front of the town hall, through which interim results can also be followed,” says Dorschnabel, describing the planned operation.

According to her assessment, the result is supposed to be known around 6.45 pm on Sunday and announced directly in front of the town hall. A total of more than 100 election workers are working to ensure that Sunday’s election runs as smoothly as possible.

Musikverein is ready

One of them is prepared in case a decision is made on the first ballot: “The Music Association is ready.” In addition, according to the old tradition, a mayor should be appointed in front of the town hall – if Rubertino wins, in front of his own property in Durmersheim, too thin.

We hope that the tree will keep its leaves for a long time.

Petra Dorschnabel, Election Organizer

Of course, it is also possible to erect a birch only after a couple of weeks. “Hopefully the tree will keep its leaves for a long time,” the election organizer relies on the tree’s resilience, which is meant to symbolize that the community has a new local leader.

“It is important to use the right to vote and thus help shape the future of Dormersheim,” asserts the incumbent Mayor Augustin, who will follow him as head of the Municipal Elections Committee on Sunday who will succeed him, or at least who has the best chance of following in his footsteps for the step.

live tape

BNN and BT are accompanying the Sunday evening election result with a live tape from 5.30pm on www.bnn.de.

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