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Anyone studying or doing vocational training is often entitled to discounts on local public transportation. But the tariff is still more expensive than a 9 euro ticket. This is why there should apparently be reimbursement options for students and apprentices.

Good news for students: if you buy a semester ticket, you will get a partial refund – due to the €9 ticket. This was confirmed by a spokesman for the Federation of German Carriers (VdV) Watson. According to him, students get back the difference between a 9 euro ticket and a semester ticket, which has different prices. However, the form of this recovery process and how it is performed can vary greatly. Interns are also entitled to a refund.

Students and trainees: where to go for compensation

A VdV spokesperson confirms that refunds apply to everyone who subscribes. Moreover the Apprentice So you have a claim. You can deal with refund issues Contact the transport company directlyWhere they bought their discount tickets.

the students They usually get semester tickets from the university or student representatives. This costs different amounts depending on the university: according to the Unicum portal, the price range at the largest universities is between 65 and 230 euros. Depending on the university, either the school itself, student committees (AStAs), or student unions negotiate a semester ticket. This makes the refund process complicated.

“Depending on the constellation, team recovery is unfortunately not available at the push of a button, but it does require complex bureaucratic processes,” Deutsches Studentenwerk Managing Director Matthias Anbuhl explains to Watson. Watson recommends Private university or responsible student representatives as contact persons. BR advises on The relevant student union homepage and on the state student representation website to know.

No need for additional €9 tickets

Bayrischer Rundfunk (BR) reported earlier this month that €9 free ticket for students – mostly regardless of whether or not they have purchased a semester ticket for the summer semester. The €27 incurred for June, July and August is reimbursed for the semester fees for the upcoming winter semester at most universities in Bavaria. If you have already purchased a semester ticket, half of this money will be refunded. Because the 9 euro ticket is only valid for three months of the summer semester. Therefore, students must continue to pay half the amount.

Matthias Anpol, managing director of Deutsches Studentenwerk, also told Watson that all students were expected to be compensated for the excess money. This is the “consensus of the German higher education system”. In addition, semester tickets for many universities will be converted into daily tickets nationwide during the campaign period – Students no longer have to purchase additional tickets of €9.

However, there is no standard regulation for reimbursement – it seems that there are still some open questions, eg when students will get their money back. Jan Hoffmann of AStA in Hanover sums it up for Watson as follows: “The ‘if’ has been clarified in general, but the ‘how’ is not yet clear.”

This is how a semester ticket refund can be done

who – which Munich Student Union It states that students can contact the carrier where they purchased the ticket for a proportional refund of the semester ticket (Isar Card Semester, half price) upon application. An online process for this is still under development.

in Hanover The excess amount should be offset against the ticket for the next semester, says Watson. Those who stop studying after that must get a refund.

However, anyone who buys a €9 ticket despite a semester ticket is unlucky: according to BR, students cannot get €9 that is refunded from the special tariff costs.

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