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With around 200 events in 45 places of knowledge, the Schlauraum program invites you to browse. (Photo: Munster City / Monster Marketing / Ralph Emmerich)

Through the “Schlauraum” science festival, Münster Marketing, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU) and the Münster University of Applied Sciences reach the bottom of the water element and transform the city into a campus for young and old. There are 45 places of knowledge with about 200 events in the Schlauraum week schedule.

Column Alley becomes an open-air lecture hall, the floating theater turns Stadtbad Mitte into a pool of knowledge, and Solaaris sails across Lake Aasee as an evening seminar room. In the “Q.UNI Camp” you can wander in a water playground, the botanical garden becomes a research laboratory and in the Überwasserkirche there is a light installation that drips, splashes and flows. From June 18 to 24, interesting lectures, exciting experiments, entertaining excursions and artistic productions invite you to a variety of locations. Speakers from WWU Münster and Münster University of Applied Sciences present their focused expertise on the topic ‘Water’, presenting research methods and future visions – not, as usual, in lecture halls and seminar rooms, but in the city centre.

Stubengasse becomes an auditorium

With a large podium, LED screen and knowledge seating, Stubengasse in the city center becomes an open-air lecture hall. On Saturday, June 18, at 1:00 PM, Lord Mayor Marcus Liu, President of WWU Professor Dr. Johannes Wessels and Rector of the Muenster University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Dr. Frank Dillman, Science Festival. Children’s University “Q.UNI” is open to young researchers. In the evening, in cooperation with Cineplex, the open-air cinema begins in Stubengasse. At the start of this outdoor cinema weekend, the legendary “International Cinema Ocean Tour” flashes across the screen with stunning footage of water sports.

Starting from Monday (20 June) daily lectures in the outdoor auditorium. The soup reading always starts at 12:30pm and invites you to easily digestible tales of knowledge with a free bowl of soup. More than 20 scholars have denied the lecture plan. Her entertaining and informative lectures range from “The Failed Emotional Life of Fish” to “River Stories – Water in the City” to “Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water? A raucous look at pop music.”

knowledge bath

Professors walk on water? yes! It is on the floating stage at Stadtbad Mitte. It turns Münster’s first “bathing and washing facility” built in 1889 into a knowledge complex. From Monday to Friday you can sit on the amphitheater every evening during the “Schlauraum” week and delve into the latest scientific discoveries and stories on the topic of “water” with the lectures of the university’s lecturers.

The program includes the contribution of Prof. Joachim Gardmann “Floods, Droughts, Hunger and Disease: Water as a Cause of Global Migration and Flight” Physics shows “The Life of Water Molecules” by Professor D. Hans Christoph Mertens and Andreas Galle. In front of the Stadtbad Mitte, the reorganized banks of the Aa invite you to unwind as a small relaxation area. The “Schlauraum” design chairs and loungers ensure the relaxed atmosphere of the beach bar.


On Lake Aasee, the completely zero-emissions water bus Solaaris transforms into a floating lecture hall: every evening it is time to “set off” on educational excursions of a special kind. As the sun slowly sets behind Lake Aasee, Solaaris comfortably navigates through the water and there are a variety of activities on board a lecture program by WWU and FH lecturers. They take their listeners on a journey of aquatic knowledge about climate change, physics, superfoods, missions, and architecture.

places of knowledge

Guided tours and water-themed experiences and activities also take place at other locations: they include a lock-up tour with MS Günther, a zoo tour, excursions with the Münster bus, bike tours, hikes in the sewage fields, and a tour of the historic waterworks in Hohe Ward, a tour of the canal bridge at Münster-Gelmer, an art installation by the theater “Saurüssel” in the palace gardens, test stations on the banks of the Aa and much more.

Alle Veranstaltungen sind kostenfrei, aber bei vielen Angeboten ist aufgrund der begrenzten Plätze eine Anmeldung über die Website erforderlich: www.schlauraum-muenster.de.

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